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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-03
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Here's a walkthrough of all the new Escape games "escape 5: refrigerator" found in addictive games.Com (among other things ).You start the game by staring at the metal door that needs a key card to open.Please note that you can turn the lights on and off to quickly view the low temperature notification on the wall.
Turn right.
Want to play a cool new picture game on your Android device?Try to break a word picture quiz!Get it free on Google Play!Screen stacking box-Pick up the blue rag placed on top of the box and read the red scribbled note."Adding mild to extreme" refers to a notification of a low body temperature that you have read before.Month = 35 degrees and extreme mild degrees.
They are equal to 55 degrees Celsius.
So the code that needs to be typed in the calculator lookup device is 131.Press enter and the box pops up showing the screwdriver.Pick it up.Jumper #1 is also available on this screen.
Between the two big boxes on the left of the semi-finals.calculator.Pick up and turn right.Metal shelf screenPick up the beaker and ethanol bottle on the metal rack.Jumper #2 lies on the unmarked bag at the far left of the screen.
Now you want to mix the beaker with ethanol and make it into an ethanol beaker.When a rag is added to a beaker of ethanol, it becomes a flammable rag that you will need later.Proceed right.Fan Screen -First of all, you want to hang your now flammable rag on the hook right below the thermostat covered with ice.
Read the note under the closed fan and click on the electrical panel directly above it.Open the panel with a screwdriver.You now need to put the three jumpers in the right place for the fan to work.Jumpers can be placed between any of the two red squares you see on the electrical panel.
They need to be placed in the following vertical positions.Jumper #1: In the small white square on the left side of G-The label has two jump slots.Place the jumper in the slot on the right.
Jumper #2: long vertical white square marked 780 is where you want to start.Start at the top horizontal line of this square, right until you hit the vertical jumper connector.Place the jumper in this slot.Jumper 3: This jumper connector is easy to find.
The right side of jumper #2, about inches, is the vertical jumper connector you need to connect.You can turn on the fan now.Do this and then exit.You will see the wire blown out of the fan and click on it to pick up the wire.Back to the key Carmen screen.Key Carmen screen-Turn on the light by clicking on the switch.
Now look up at the fluorescent lamp.
Use a screwdriver to connect the wire to a loose wire.Go back and turn on the lights.Now is a good time to pick up these two keys.When you look at the door, click on the bottom of the screen to look down.
You need to pick up two keys.
A silver key and a brass key.
Now go back to the fan screen.
Fan Screen-Touch the wire on the flammable rag hanging on the hook and now spark.The flame will melt the ice on the thermometer.When you look at the temperature timing, you will notice that you can change the temperature of the room to "minus" or "cold ".
Now, change to cold storage.
The ice will melt when the key card is exposed.Pick it up and go back to the door you need to open it.Key Card Door-Access your warm suit with your newly acquired key card.
You can now change the temperature of the room to "Minus Zero ".Go back to the fan room and do so.Change the temperature to minus zero.Now is the tricky part.If you find the super secret document that is not mentioned in this walkthrough, then you know that mixing the brass key with ethanol will create u97.You also know that U97 will become half-zero.
Acid that emits green light.
Click on the bottom of the fan room screen to see the floor where the key is located.Open the shaft with your newly acquired acid and escape freedom.The way to go, you did it!Now go back and find super confidential documents.
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