jumpers During midlife career change, do you jump or hold on?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-27
jumpers During midlife career change, do you jump or hold on?
Over the years, I have...Two middle-aged occupations...Jumpers and ...Skydivers thrive on energy...and ...luck.Over the last three times they jumped up and over the past few years I 've found two career changers in middle age: the jumper and the winner.Skydivers thrive with energy, enthusiasm and unlikely luck.They jumped the last three times and a net appeared.
They don't see any difference in the next jump.Employees thrive in careers that provide security, money and identity.They feel lost when their career ends, or when they find themselves forced to leave.
They don't remember the last time they found themselves in this position.When the paratroopers are ready to look for a new mountain, they will call the coach.Suggest a destination and they ask, "where is it ?"?"Usually, the coaches have made another leap before they realize what's going on.
When they find themselves lost in the jungle, they call the coach.They asked, "How do I know if I made the right decision?"How can I find safety ?"?They held-The ticket, asked, "How do I change to round-trip?The paratrooper has learned to accept the sinkingfeeling-in-the-When they jumped down the mountainClimbers are not used to feeling impatient.They do not want a road map;They want a hotel reservation, preferably from the list of car club bookings.
Both the jumper and the dunk face new realities.Even the bravest jumper will be unlucky.If you choose the wrong mountain, the net will never appear.In their twentiesIn the first century, we must create our own security.
The jumper must stop at the edge of the mountain before returning to the point.Is that right?They had to ask.\ "I should take a look at it this time to see if the network really exists?Or maybe it's time to climb a ledge at a time instead of jumping more carefully."Clingers have to ask too," is this feeling right?Like a jumper, they have to look for safety nets.
They learn to read the map and distinguish between dangerous potholes and shadows of the afternoon.When they can't get guaranteed hotel reservations, they learn to make contingency plans to avoid sleeping in the park.Jumpers learn to walk where they used to run.
Clingers learn to walk where they used to ride.Most people will combine jump shots with thrilling qualities, but you can save a lot of grief by getting to know your pop style.The jumper needs the guide to say, "Stop!Think!"Followers need guides that inspire them to go.
Over-A dynamic jump shot becomes a daringover-The persistence in the plan lost momentum.Both the jumper and the cl are facing disaster.The jumper jumps into cold water or dangerous rocks.
Seize their onceThe hurricane struck a safe haven.Jump shots bring energy and courage to new adventures;Clingers brings a record of planning skills and past achievements.Ultimately, both succeed by acknowledging their operational style and taking advantage of their strengths to survive and thrive in new terrain.
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