jump house for sale Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies- Designed To 'Catch' Fishermen, Not Fish!-This HubPage deals with my salmon flies.

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jump house for sale Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies- Designed To \'Catch\' Fishermen, Not Fish!-This HubPage deals with my salmon flies.
This is the second chapter of my new book, fishing.This new work is about my fishing experience from birth to now.The book I have written so far is a novel.
Someone asked me to write about my lifeI think there is a better way to describe my existence in this world than using fishing as a verbal tool to tell my story.Here is the second chapter.Chapter 2 one of the most productive but sometimes terrible fishing times for night fishing is night.After the sun went down, schools in the big black market used calm water to feed on insects.
The raised bass is easy to find when the water looks like glass, and then move on.The downside of the completely calm water is that the fish are more sensitive to the upcoming boat.When there is a little ribs on the surface, the fisherman can approach the reward without being detected.
This is correct for both trolling and cast.Dusk is my favorite time to fish.In addition to chasing the school Bass, it is beautiful to enjoy the sky on a clear night.Even when I was a little boy, I was happy with God's beautiful sunset.
The sky in the evening is red, and the sailors are very happy!This is usually a good forecast for the next sunny day.When I was young, the environment became a little scary as the night passed, especially when there was no moonlight.I often imagine all kinds of monsters in the dark.
I think on a night like this I can see about three or 4 feet in any direction.The sound of frogs and Peeps is a soothing sound for me.From time to time, when I was paddling the coastline, a bass would surface and shoot a dragonfly or other large insect such as a white hexagon.
Although the darkness startled me to some extent, there were also people looking forward to stirring up a big corner about 30 feet after the ship.In the evening, I usually go to the troll coast because I have a second feeling of how far away from land.Night fishing for big black fish usually does not produce a lot of fish, but when the Black Fish explodes in the dark, my heart jumps into my throat.
Also, I can often expect fish to be a good fighter at night.I'm not sure why this is true.Maybe it's because the bass's heart is shaking too!X.The policy I need most is to use the bug dope bubble before going out.
Most nights I will wear a long-sleeved shirt to protect my arms and trousers that can be put on my shoes.This is only left with the need to apply some knives on my wrist, hands and head.Just as I approached a known Bass, the mosquitoes seemed to flock around the parts I exposed.
In order to avoid punching and kicking blood consumers, this requires a little confidence.bites.It must be at least 10 inch long before they are saved.Moreover, you are only allowed to eat 5 fish per day, within the limit.
I didn't keep my catch until I got back to the boat dock on our beach.There are five big photos on one of the threeA chain of feet dangling from the back of the ship.It was only in a few cases that I was able to fill Stringer's vacancy at night.
Of course, if I catch some bass during the day, I will limit my bag at night.Before being shut down, these snapshots pass through one of the fins and then through the mouth.It's like a series of big snapshots and spins.
Very few Bass dies on the Longines attached to the ship.Sometimes, when I hook the Fishbone to the dock before going to bed, otters or crocodile turtles eat on the still bass.I am not worried because even when I was very young, I already knew about the food chain.
This is part of God's plan.
X when I was 10 years old and my brother was 15 years old, Jonnie captured the biggest big black fish shot from Long Pond.It weighs a little more than 6 pounds.This is probably 4 pounds more than I took from the pond where our camp is located.Jonnie has a picture of the monster bass taken by our mother and it appears in our local newspaperThe coat of arms published in Pine Plains, New York.
The newspaper was printed across the street from our house.When the photo came out, my mother bought some paper.We gave most of them to relatives and friends.
Speaking of giant fish, there was a dark night and I had an experience in the Long Pond that I would never forget.I'm fishing for a Gitterbug on the East Coast.Very quiet.Suddenly, I heard a loud noise about 50 feet behind the ship.
I can't see it, but it sounds like someone dropped a bowling ball from a very high place.It startled me and I wanted to go home right after it happened.But there are things that make me linger and I continue to trolling.
Then another explosion occurred in the other direction.This time, I can vaguely identify the splash on my left.After the first splash, the third and fourth splash sounded on the right side of the boat and elsewhere in the front.
I was wondering if it might be a plane that puts down a big object, but I can't hear the sound of the plane.Did the big fish break the surface?Or is the beaver slapping his tail on the water?I just can't think of the situation.Before I finally decided to go home, there could be 18 or 20 mysterious voices.
My friend Pete was sleeping when I entered the house.Pete stayed with me for a week.He didn't want to go out fishing that night, so I didn't have anyone to check this unexplained situation.I woke Pete up and explained to him what had happened.
He thought it was just a large bass fed in the life of surface insects.I mentioned to him that the water flower is much bigger than the water flower that big fish can produce.I was scared after he said "maybe you're just imagining.
I have not been able to explain this very strange phenomenon until today.My uncle Forrest has a sailing berth about 20 feet from our raft.Some summer, his little sailboat moored there, and for the rest of the season, he moored it on Lake Candlewood near Danbury, Connecticut.
When his long pond moored boat was empty, my school friend Alvis Upitus, and at night I tried fishing with bugs near the moored berth.I remember that Alvis did the first blow at a depth of about 1 feet from the bottom of the pond near the anchor.He pulled the fish up on that moonlight night, and we saw the first yellow fish we had seen in pond fishing for ten years.
It is about 10 inch in length.
Alvis is pleased to capture this strange looking black spotted plate fish.I was very confused about this matter.I 've only seen this fish in the years I 've been fishing, but we 've all seen it in books and magazines.We continued to put our thread down and applied the bug to our hook, and after an hour we caught about twenty creatures that looked strange.
We showed our catch to my father that night and he was not surprised by our reward for the night.My dad said the cakes were not very good.So we took our fish skewers to the compost pile where we just dropped them.Although compost is about 50 feet away from the house, we can smell the rotten meat in two days.
A few days later, all the rest of what we accidentally captured was partially eaten by the body and a pile of maggots.I'll tell you that the huge amount of mag worms that keep moving almost makes us sick in our stomachs.A pot of good fish!Point out to the house where X XOn often goes out on rainy days to pick up nightcrawlers.
They usually measure about 7 inch long, half an inch in diameter.You might think it's easy to find these homophones.It wasnâx80x99t.With the help of a few empty coffee cans and some dirt and two flashlights, we will go out and collect these sticky, evaded underground residents.
If you point the direct beam of the flashlight to the slippery bugs, they will escape from the holes in the grass.We soon learned to shine only around the beam on the elusive night owl, and the light was darker.We will catch the worm's head very carefully and quickly to prevent them from sliding back into the soil.
Then, slowly, we will pull the whole worm out of the Earth.On a great night we might catch 20 to 30 earthworms that were caught many times during mating.As I mentioned, earthworms are hominoids and they all contain both sexes.
The male organ is at one end and the female organ is at the other.They mate by positioning themselves so that one's head is with the other's back end.soixante-.This is another form of night fishing.It is said to be symbolic fishing.Do some of the most productive fishing in the armchair at night.
In addition to reading fishing books and magazines on the cushion recliner, there is another point.I don't want to discuss this too deeply, but just say that some of the biggest and most cautious fish are caught without using hooks at the end of the line.in this way?Some people say I'm crazy, but I don't think so.
The savior Jesus Christ guides his disciples, who should be with sinners.Why do we spend all our time saving those who have been saved?.They don't need to be saved.Christ instructed his followers to pass on the plan of salvation to sinners.
How else can they be saved?All people are connected through invisible leads so that everyone's behavior can have an impact on all others.Just by connecting with others, we can cause change in them and hopefully it will be better.Describing this phenomenon too much may end up putting me under asylum.
Does anyone understand what I'm talking about?Or every action has an equal and opposite reaction.This is part of the causal relationship of what is done.As I mentioned in the first chapter, fishing is both a literal process and a figurative one.
I can't say it too many times.
We have been fishing all the time!It doesn't matter whether you believe in Christ or not.You're still a fisherman, fishing.Some people are looking for material things, fame or power.In many cases, the three are fishing.Jesus Christ teaches people how to fish for the soul.
When I sit at home, I often think of friends and relatives who have experienced trouble in life.Some people can hardly make ends meet each other every month.They suffer because they don't have some necessities of life and have to look very carefully at their budget.
Others have children who like alcohol or drugs, or who like these things themselves.People all over the world are suffering.Reaching out to someone in need is a bit like fishing.How can we help these poor souls overcome their trials and tribulations?At any given time in the world, there is the power of good and evil operating.
But I believe the final victory will be good in the long run.There are many evil things happening in the world, but there are also good things.free will.We are all capable of making choices, and we are responsible for our choices.
The only perfect person is Jesus Christ.
None of us are perfect.
That's why we are trying to be perfect here.I am not perfect;You are not perfect.But by working hard to help everyone go to perfection, we are doing what God wants.This is the whole meaning of fishing.Xxxxenough preaching, let's go back to the literal world of fishing.
Most of the time, it is very interesting, sometimes raw meat on the table, telling stories to others.In the next chapter, I'll talk about when you don't catch anything, or when you don't.A few years before my mother died, she embroidered a scene where the fisherman was fishing at one end of the water body, fishing at the other end of the artwork.
The fisherman is an asshole at one end of the line, waiting for the asshole at the other end.This is a great souvenir of mine about my whole life as a fisherman.My father taught me the art of fishing in this vast world.
This trip, it will be the framework of my existence, starting when I was about four years old.That is the body part of fishing.In fact, we were fishermen from the beginning.Even when we were kids, we were fishing every minute in the metaphysical sense.
The children start fishing in a symbolic way, although the adults around may not.fish.They will do so throughout their existence.Fishing with rod, reel, line, hook and bait is an integral part of my life, because in those early days my dad took me to a pond edge in my hometown.
When I look back on my life for sixty yearsMy six-year probation period on this earth, he taught very well!Start with a simple casting stick, casting reels, some 20-A five pound test line and a hook that used a small earthworm in the compost pile as bait, and my father extended his hand from my thin shoulder to help me throw the bait to a place 10 feet deep, enter a world where I know nothing about water.Or did I?When I look back on those early experiments that were trying to fish, I think I somehow understand that I do know the whole thing about fishing.Over the years since then, I have realized that fishing is embedded in my body and soul.
It took many years for people to understand that fishing is not just Trout at the table.I am a Christian.In this era, most people are afraid to acknowledge this fact, even though they go to church at least once in a while.I'm not afraid to say it.fishers of men!My son Seth recently hit a man in a bar in Florida and killed him.
The man was drunk.
Instead of breaking any other laws, my son was speeding.But the shock of hearing this tragedy shocked me and Seth.I pray that this incident will not send my dear son to prison, but only time can tell the whole story.
I know that God knows that my son should not be responsible for the death of the poor man.I pray that the loved ones of the dead mana man will be comforted in this tragic event.I only hope that the Savior's net of love will bring this man home and give him a pleasant resting place in heaven.
The love of my Lord Jesus Christ will surely prevail in this seemingly unhappy event.X xi is a bit like a skinny kid with a sunken chest and tall figure when I was very young.Although I am a weak person and often kicked on his face by a bully, I somehow put up with my weakness, sometimes in the storms of life when the weather is rightI always believe in God.
I saw his masterpiece in everything around me, and still so today.In my young summer days, I will spend most of my time fishing on the "Dragon Post" in West Park, New York, where I have a holiday home with my father, mother, brother.As we said, although the coastline is not a perfect rectangle, it is about a mile in length and about 100 yards in width.
During the normal school year, we spent the weekend at the camp, where my father introduced me to ice fishing in the cold months, as well as bass, pickup trucks fishing from wooden boats in warm weatherAlthough I am not a very strong child, I have good stamina to go boating for a long time or to the place where I hope to have fish waiting for my bait.When I was in elementary school, I often spent hours fishing with bugs outside.Dad just needs to light the spark to light my fishing fire.
After the initial instruction, I almost learned how to secretly wait for the sun fish and carefully throw a bug near the spawn bed.Patience is a great virtue in this life, and I learned early on how to wait for success.We learn by failure and trial and error.This is not a perfect life. each of us will make many mistakes in our lives.
However, we will continue to persevere in the belief that ultimately calls us forward.My father told me before he died, don't give up!I have been keeping this suggestion by my side for the past few years as I have been trying to make my dream come true.Fishing is a great teacher of this sentence.
As I practiced my technique, they became more refined and productive in fishing and all other pursuits.The shape of the fishing is similar to "pumppumpkinseed" sunfish, which occupied my earliest fishing experience.I have to be very precise about my worm casting.
If I put the bait too close to the fish, it scares them and they don't go for it.Bluegills will be on their bed while spawning, so I have to be careful to put the bait on the edge of the bed and they often eat bugs.After I 've caught four or five of these strong Betta fish, I'll wash them and mom will fry them for the whole family.
This made me feel good about helping to support my family.Father and brother Jonnie taught me how to clean a fish properly.First, cut off the head with a sharp knife behind the stab plate.
We will then cut the belly by inserting the tip of the knife into the vent and cutting forward to reveal the internal organs.After removing the internal organs, the fins are carefully taken out so that we are not broken by a sharp thorn on the dorsal fin.We will then scale the sides of the fish by pulling the blade from the tail to where the head is.
After washing the fish thoroughly, they will be taken to the kitchen, where the mother will pat with flour and add salt and pepper in large quantities.Then put the bacon fat in Campbell soup into a frying pan to fry the fish.I can still almost taste the taste when I write this!I have captured and cleaned up hundreds of blue plants and pumpkin seeds over the years.
When I was close to seven years old, I turned most of my fishing to the pursuit of big black fish and pickerel.Wandering along the shore of the pond, when I pass through the sunken trunk and other obstacles, usually one or two large corners of mouth are generated.I became very good at predicting where my troll would go on strike.
This fishing is done with rotating equipment and sixPound single wire fishing line.At the end of this line I was tied to a sharp turn which allowed me to change my bait.The most common of bait with this a little on the I of young years is â x80 x98 flatfish â x80 x99 â x80 x98 Jitterbug â x80 x99 or rubber worm with orange beads and a small fine-tuning.
Flat fish is a strange looking bait that draws a few feet under the water as it fluctuates from one side to the other in a rhythmic manner.This is my most deadly temptation.Jitterbug is a surface bait that floats on the surface of the water, pulses back and forth, and at the same time makes a gurgling sound start!When its sound attracts some larger bass, the bait is particularly effective at night.The two lures worked very well, but in the years to come I turned to the rubber worms, which had three hooks on their bodies.
Although my favorite is the rubber worm, these three baits can also be used for casting.It only cost me sixty cents.Under normal circumstances, a rubber worm will last between 15 and 20 fish, and then they become so incomplete and have to retire.My other way of fishing is to approach the surface of a group of sea bass fed from the back, cast into the front fish and reels in the bait, and take it to the whole fish school until there is a strike.
This is usually a reliable technique to hook the bass.Almost every time I do, I hook a bass.The only downside is that fish are usually smaller than fish close to the coast.In addition, it is also difficult to row from the back of the moving fish stock to the location, as the roads of the school often change.
Sometimes I stand on board and row from that position and can often observe as many as thirty to forty sea bass feeding in the life of insects on the water.I call this method tracking.When a school moves on the water, it requires a lot of practice and endurance.I don't always keep the bass I caught because my parents don't like the taste of them.
Neither my brother nor I mind eating bass.We occasionally keep what we catch, clean them up, and eat a fish on Friday night.After a day (sometimes overnight) of fishing, I will write in my fishing log what kind of fish I catch, the length of each fish, the date, about the time, the bait used, the weather and the location of the fish caught.
I have made records for several years.
That said, until I was around sixteen, when the girl started to be more of a better quarry for me!This morning, I was at McDonald's in Plymouth, New Hampshire, waiting for a car rental company to open at eight.About a month ago, my Subaru WRX crashed into a guardrail on the MIT toll road and I took it to a repair shop for repair.I will be using a rental car for about a week while Mark magically puts my car back in its original shape when he finishes the touch.
The accident happened on my way to pine plain in New York. I went to visit relatives and friends in my hometown.I was not physically hurt, but I was upset about it.
You might want to know what this has to do with fishing?Well, all in all, at least from my point of view, everything has to do with fishing.Although I didn't take my traditional fishing tackle to New York, I carried my guitar and some recording equipment with me.Human nature.going fishing.As I wander around, I usually get in touch with at least one person who, in my opinion, needs to be caught.
When I play music in front of a group of listeners, my goal is to attract them with my music.Music is designed to attract people's attention, and the lyrics are what I sell.The information in the song is usually about the spiritual aspect.
As I mentioned earlier, I see God's presence in all things.As a disciple of Christ, I always want to pass on some information for people to find him.Sometimes I talk directly about the saving grace of Christ to do this.
Other times, my behavior and way of speaking set an example of his love.Most of the time, I fish socially for people I don't even know about group members.The best place it will do.A lot of times a fish will go looking for bait and devour it, but miss the chance to get hooked.
This is sometimes devastating and often makes me unhappy.But after a while, I want to come back again and seize this elusive prospect.In addition, there is also a fisherman who may come over and embed the commercial end of the bait into the fish's lower Bazhong.
Persistence will get a lot of rewards, and then a fish will be vigilant and selective about what it will attack.Moreover, once in a while, a real big fish will appear. after eating the bait, it will catch well and eventually go ashore.
I'm sure you understand what this line means.In my life, I caught many different kinds of fish, but after catching many kinds of fish, I began to concentrate on catching some big fish.Mass capture replaces quantity landing.From capturing hundreds of little bull heads about half an inch long to landing a lake trout in his twentiesIn 6 pounds, the size and number of most fishermen seem to be growing.
If you want to do a very good job of fishing, you have to accept the fact that there will be a lot of small catches and a lot less Big Mac.About 25 miles south of our camp, there is a boat dock that extends from the west bank of the pond.The Grau family has a beautiful summer house on the water and the weekend will come from New York City like we did in spring and fall.
They slept all summer.
Their camp is on the north side of the pier.My friend, Terry Oran Hanren from Brooklyn, will come over some weekends and stay most of the summer.I'm as big as Terry.When we were about twelve years old, we became brothers.
We spent a lot of time together because of this agreement.The boat pier is also near his camp, but his house is further away from the water than Graus.I can see the pier clearly today.This is one of the first places I went to after school on Friday.
The terminal is about 15 feet from the shore to the end of the terminal, with 2 inch steel pipe supports on each side.The water depth at the end of the dock is about 6 feet.The bottom of the pond is full of strange stones of various shapes, large and small.
Obstacles like docks and rafts always give us a better chance to catch different kinds of fish.This special dock is home to many rock bass, a variety that looks strange, about as big as a big sun fish, but with the color and mark of the big mouth bass fish.The big red eyes of the rock bass make them look almost prehistoric.
They will hide next to or under the rocks, waiting for the life of insects and the passing of small fish.They are a very discreet breed and it is difficult to seduce them with bugs.But worms are Terry's only bait and I can use them to catch them.
In general, we have to drop the bait hook and watch closely because we will float the bait to the lower side of the rock.Sometimes it takes half an hour for the rock bass to bite, otherwise we will feel bored and give up.I don't like to give up.Terry is not as keen on fishing as I am.When my friend returned to his camp, I was more focused on attracting one of these prizes.
Though only seven or 8 inch long, they are great warriors.For reluctant rock bass, I apply two of the necessary virtues, patience and perseverance, which usually have the upper hand in hooking and landing rock bass.When I was young, I caught these competitive fish, but I never ate one.
If pulling the hook out of their mouth doesn't hurt them, I usually let them go.If they get hurt to the point where they can't swim, they become a meal for otters, turtles and other pickers..My cousin Danny sometimes comes to our camp in the summer and stays for a week in our teens.
I don't think Danny really understands fishing.One mid-In the morning we were on a boat near some Lily mats in the West Bank near the camp and we tried to be lucky.In fact, we were in the mat, at that time of the year, there were beautiful white flowers on the mat, with a yellow center, with a wonderful fragrance.
I catch the sun fish around one end of the boat, while Danny at the other end does not catch the sun fish, even though we all use the same bait worm.I think my cousin probably ate his bugs without catching fish.So, I asked him to take the bait.When he did, I saw that his hook was covered with weeds.
Dan, that's the problem, and I made a suggestion to my cousin.There are weeds all over your hook!"Okay, okay," said Danny .".Weeds are good camouflage.I have a good laugh!Then, I think, without scolding Danny, fishermen have different strategies in applying the art of fishing.
He may want to give poor fish the same advantage in fishing games.Needless to say, I spend most of my time fishing alone together.My cousin watched the comic while I was leaning and watched one of our snowy channels on TV.
I don't remember Danny fishing the traditional way anymore!Danny watched a couple of Yankee games on TV and I think it might be interpreted as a symbolic fishing method.Mainly he was fishing in a Triscuit Box while watching the game!It's okay, because.I know how you fish.I'm also a baseball fan, but I 'd rather play on a black and white TV screen than watch it.
Neither of my two cousins, Neil, is a traditional fisherman.He just doesn't understand.He 'd rather spend his time destroying things like we got something from Terry Odan Hanren who passed the black market in Brooklyn.Neil is glad we took a boat to catch all kinds of mud turtles.
I think once, when we stuffed five beautifully decorated turtles in front of the poor biological shell, I was part of Neil's despicable behavior, lit the fuses and threw them into the water.Well, I don't want to go into the details of the bloody, but Neil's idea makes me prefer fishing.I swear I never did anything like this again!Yes, every young fisherman has his own unique strategy to do his fishing work.
.If every angler is fishing in the same way, nothing new will be learned.One summer I learned that one thing was new to me when I was fishing in a pile of pickerel weeds in a small bay on the east side of our pond.I remember about thirteen years old, casting from a standing position in the middle of the boat so I could grab the paddle and manipulate the boat every few times.
I used a rubber worm with three salmon egg colored beads and a rotating device to throw at a bunch of pickerel weeds in the middle of the bay.After starting to roll slowly in my team, I was hit hard!The Big Mouth Bass jumped several times as usual.Then it winds through the weeds and uses them to stop my efforts to roll him on board.
I pulled a little too hard, six-A pound of single wire brokeNot only did I lose the fish, but I also lost the new plastic worm that I paid most of that week!Two weeks later, I rummaged some pickerel weeds about a few hundred yards away from where I lost that big bass, that morning at Ernie en In West conke ParkBut somehow I think this new plastic worm has some special magic because there are four beads on it, not the usual three.I went on strike, but when I started catching fish, it was not the usual type of resistance.After a short battle, I lifted the bass into the boat and gasped for what I saw.
The rear hook on the new plastic worm caught the hole eye of the old worm I broke 14 days ago!When I told the story to my parents and brothers, they all thought I was pulling their legs.But I can say the story is true.Although the bass is not very healthy, (I guess) because it has bugs on its chin, I know it has to be the fish I lost two weeks ago.No fish tale!Salmon flies caught my attention again.
I haven't worn it for almost a year.
So I was able to shoot something very close.The fly above uses an Indian Crow feather on the tail (it tends to mix with the tip wings ).The cobalt-blue "cheek" comes from a blue chatterer, while the wings are made up of four overlapping Amherst mountain chicken feathers.
The hook is a lady's 1/0 "batlet"-style knife pin.Maybe I will give it to someone special!The bug bit.Ashland in New HampshireThere will be six classes in December.
The theme of these courses is "learning basic flight bundling techniques "..On the actual fly they tiedLanding trout or other species on something you are out of date is always a wonderful thrill.Called "sunset "..My friend Alan eldorsey has been involved in this organization for years.
Watch this video if you want to know how to put salmon flies together.It shows most of the programs needed for stylish classic flies.One night when I started creating this fly, the fly showed the colors of autumn and sunset.
Professional flight for 32 years.
On October, November and December, Ashland in New Hampshire takes classes for beginners.These six classes will explore the basics of flying dress, starting with a very simple flight, and then developing to more sophisticated techniques.tie.I may record the course and put the short video online.
I made clothes a year ago.
The fly is called the "Blue Breeze ".
\' car show.
Later in the afternoon, a group of four of us visited the "flying pole store" south of Stowe ".I bought a St.(2-Weight/6 \ ') and 2-.Some people call it toys, but I think it's a really good place to fish trout..I will try it in my backyard once the weather gets better.
..Published color catalog.
I used to advertise small information brochures in magazines such as "flying Tyer", "rod & Reel", "flying fisherman" and many other smaller publications.There are several short articles in the catalogue about several different types of classic salmon flies, including authentic classic full set salmon flies, mixed wings, Speys, Dee-With ordinary wings and lowwaters.There is also a page on the hook (antique and more modern) with several sizes and shapes.
Each chapter in the catalogue has a brief description of the various categories.All three of my color tray catalogues are now collector's items.Photos of pages 8 and 9 are included below.
It's Scott, an athlete ".
The first well-known version of this traditional pattern is immortal in George Kelson's luxury book salmon fly --1895.Bust in its construction and spots.Another version of the athlete Scott was T.E.Pryce-Tannatt said in his 1914 edition How to wear salmon flies.
The body of Kelson and priceTannatt has almost the same pattern, while wings, though similar, are somewhat different from them.The two flies are shown below.One of my students, Michael D., was dressed.Johnson about ten years agoIn the past, they were 7/0 bartlet, a cone-shaped handle with silkworm gut eyes.Hook has a history of more than 120 years!The rock cock performs for his female companion, dancing in a clearing in the jungle of northern South America.
He looks very bird-like paradise all over the world.If he wins a partner, he can have sex with her so that the species goes on.The birds are protected and listed on the endangered species list.
When they legally killed people in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, these skins returned to the hats and other costumes of the British Isles decorated ladies.Everything happens when the fly layer catches them!But he got the greatest sport.And the magnificent prosperity of the court.
It was first created in early 1800.
They are simple flies used to catch salmon.Brought back to the British islands for trade in hat making.Every form of artistic expression at that time used many fancy products, and flight bundles were no exception.
My love is good and halfFly in a Victorian way of construction.I don't have a lot of photos I 've created, but I'll take some flies in the next few days.Come back and check out the center and see some spectacular artwork.
I will describe some of the materials that go into these works of art, and how they are applied, and the origin of them.catalogs.This informative little "bookalogs" is now a collector's item.There are a lot of classic salmon fly color plates and wings.
Because I have too little left, I sell them for $100 per piece.The plates are great and there is a lot of educational information about the classic type.Full gown fly, spys, Dee-Stripes, low-lying waters, silkworm eyes, real flies wearing, common wings and my "mixed wings" version.
The top fly in the photo above is "Dunkeld ".feathers.The various wings and feathers of "married" are placed on the edge and then stroked until they stick together to form "skin ".Then add other decorations.Then half is covered by Blue chatters.Finally, there is a yellow top on the top.
.The lower fly ("Benchill") has a paired inside wing of the GP leather back to back at the top of the hook.The skin is then made up of GP tail, spotted bustbust, peacock wings, and colored strips of blue and red dyed Swan shoulders...Married.The fly has the cheek of a jungle cock.There is now a legitimate JC in this country.
..But it's expensive!The golden chicken was originally native to China, but is now heavily raised in the United States.Collectors and salmon fly beauticians are available, but the price per feather (Kori) is as high as $200.They come from South Africa and India of different types and sizes.
(The umbrella bird family) lives in the north of South America and is a crow from India ).But don't go there and kill some and bring them back.SA's prison is nothing fun!The top fly (Sir Herbert) also wore the GP tippets on the back-to-back as the inner wing.
Most importantly, on both sides of the fly, the spotted Bustard, light blue, red and yellow dyed Swan shoulder parts are placed at the top.The feathers of the Peacock "sword" are used as sides, followed by the cheeks of the jungle cock.GP top with pattern tail and top.The colored fibers you see on the underside of each fly are usually made of stained cocks or hen hammers, added by a method called "double" hammers.
More will be introduced later.
Usually, there will be two or three hack sons from various birds in the fly's "throat.Behind the head of the salmon fly is a blue-green wound throat.The middle fly above is the inner wing of the Himalayan pheasant.
These "eyes" feathers really make the fly simple, but very attractive!The GP has Indian crow feathers back to back at the top.Half of the Indian crows covered by Blue chatters act as multiple cheeks.The bottom fly above is "Mrs. Amherst ".It has an extended jungle cock, placed on the top of the hook handle, covered with two pairs of top feathers (white and black marks) from the Amherst pheasant.
The jungle cock plays a double role with the blue chatters.The hooks used in the three flight photos are golden.All salmon flies seen on this page are sold in attractive frame settings.
Please leave a comment if you are interested in them in order to get back to you and I will give you the price.I currently have about 35 frames in each frame from one to three flies.These salmon flies are items collected by collectors.
They are expensive and sought after by salmon fishermen around the world.Let's see if I can explain the process in words.Hackle is the feather on the back of a bird, usually the feather of a cock or hen.
It can be a white hacker dyed in any color, or a natural hacker of any large bird, such as pearl chicken, herons, Turkey, etc.Usually, a feather is used for "doubling" at any time "..It is made of metal, like a small and sturdy clothing pin.
When the pliers hold the bottom of the iron rod, the pliers are placed between the small finger, the ring finger and the middle finger and the palm of the hand, and the tip of the feather is caught by the index finger and thumb of the other hand.This releases the index finger and thumb that also holds the iron clamp, by squeezing the fiber of the feather to the top of the feather, and pulling the squeezed stem back from the top to the ass of hackle, to touch the fibers of feathers.The wet touch of the index finger and the bottom of the thumb of the hand will definitely help the fiber fold into "v ".
--xa0After hackle's double finish, you are happy with it, and the tip is tied to the back of the fly's head for about a quarter of an hour.Then all that is needed is a steel stick that wraps around the hook handle three to five times...Every successful turn is before the wind in the front.
Tie the iron bars together with your wire shaft and tie and "voila...You have formed the "throat" of the fly "!The purpose of the doubling process is to effectively make the fibers of hackle point to the back of the fly, as shown in the figure above.In the future section of this "hub", I will discuss in more depth the process of being called "married" feathers.
This looks complicated for most beginners, but it can be taught in a few minutes!
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