Is there Really such a thing as a Fireproof Safe? - fireproof

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-20
Is there Really such a thing as a Fireproof Safe?  -  fireproof
You may be a bit shocked to learn that there are actually no industry standards for testing and rating fire safety boxes.In fact, there may not even be a fully fire-proof safe.In the end, enough fire, long enough to win every time.
Of course, some safes are more resistant to fire than others, but each manufacturer has a different process and standard.This means that we, the trusted consumers, sometimes have insufficient information, it is necessary to use our own diligence and efforts to ensure that what we buy actually provides a certain level of protection for the valuables we want.Or, we know at least the level of actual protection we get.
Just because the safe is heavy and looks good, with a big fancy graphic printed on it doesn't mean it will stay in high heat for a long time.So, I want to know what is the fire and safe that is not mixed.In short, it's heat and time.Fire is very hot, and it is clear that the longer it takes to heat something, the more likely it is to weaken the physical properties of the thing.
For example, every child knows that as long as the candle is fast, you can go through the candle with your fingers without being burned.In their right mind, however, no one has let their fingers stay on the flame for a long time
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