inflated balloon How to Make Simple Balloon Decorations

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-24

As the shape, color and size of the balloons increase, it is not surprising that they become a hot productDecorated for many people.Whether you are decorating for birthday parties, anniversary parties, retirement parties or even weddings, you will find the design and decoration techniques that suit your party.Inflate the balloons with helium, let the balloons rise to the ceiling, and tie them with a small ribbon of coordinated color.Use an inflatable balloon as the center, arch or whatever you like.Use five balloons inflated with helium to create your own balloon center.Tie the ribbon at the bottom of the balloon, then tie each ribbon to a small basket.Add more contrast and interest by making the height of each balloon different and then curling the end of the ribbon.Build a balloon arch at the entrance to the party.Pre-sale of party storesSome shops also rented out the arches.Set up the arch near the front entrance of the party and put balloons on every step or level of the arch.Use balloons that coordinate with other decorations.Decorate the cake or buffet table with balloons.Use the weight of the balloon, or wrap the heavy town paper with metal paper to make your own town paper.Tie a balloon on each weight and put it behind the food on the cake or table.Try to make an arch using balloons with longer and shorter ribbonsstyle setting.Create a balloon arch at the end of the table.Set a metal rod at the end of each table, such as the tent pole with the base.Inflate the smaller balloons into three groups.Then put a balloon around the pole, alternating between different colors.Fix the balloon at an angle so it looks more interesting.Cover the ceiling with balloons, tulle and White Christmas tree lights.From one corner of a room to the other, covering long tulle and running the second block along the other two corners of the room.Run the white Christmas tree lights, also known as the flashing lights, behind the tulle.Then, decorate the corners with clusters of balloons of similar colors.
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