inflated balloon How To Make Balloon Hats

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-28
inflated balloon How To Make Balloon Hats
When life gives you a balloon...So one day I found myself holding a bag of long, thin tongue twister balloons.You know, the kind that artists and clowns use to make all kinds of animals and things?For a craft project, I only need a few colors and then a whole bag is left.I'm not very interested in making animals because I don't have much use for them.
But since I did a lot of clothing projects, I decided to teach myself how to make several balloon hats.playing dress-Get up on rainy days!Make clothes quickly!A great game for birthday parties!Fun for kids and adults!Cheer someone up!Wear it in the parade!A big and magical balloon hat can almost become a costume.If you are traveling, any formal outfit can become more interesting, or it can become more fashionable with a balloon hat.
The balloon hasn't blown yet.
Take up zero space and there is no weight in the luggage.Know how to make a hat in any color to make any situation more festive and sounds really useful, right?I mean, there's only one funky situation waiting for that set of skills there...Make a balloon clown hat!A long time ago, hub pages had the logo dealie of these three colors, which gave me the idea of a clown hat.
You can do the same!Of course, you can make it with the three colors you like, so don't worry if you don't mention the three colors here.You can even make hats of the same color if you want.Start with three balloons: one red, one blue and one green.
Blow them up with a hand pump, but don't inflate them all the way.You want to leave the UN a few inches.When you tie the balloon up, inflate the balloon at the top.Form the triangular cap base described in the "three-ball cap" above.
You twist a bubble into the body of another balloon at the end of each balloon to secure it so you have a triangle that fits your head.Then gather all the long parts of the balloon together and twist so that they form a triangle on your head.You should still have some little balloons with air above the twist and little tail.
Squeeze the lion's dog tail into the end.
If you don't know what to do, you can also put your tail in your mouth and suck some air to form bubbles to make them.(This may sound ridiculous, but since you can see the pooch's tail in the photo, I have proven that this mouth trick really works!) When you take the bubble out of your mouth, hold your neck and let it stay.When you bend the bubble arm a little, pinch the pooch's tail to catch them.
You go there!You have your own balloon clown hat!
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