inflated balloon Fun Science Experiments - Static Electricity

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-21
inflated balloon Fun Science Experiments - Static Electricity
All matter is made up of atoms.The atom consists of three parts, each with a charge.The proton is positive, the electron is negative, the neutron is neutral, and there is no charge.So this means that each physical object has a charge.
The opposite attraction, such as positive and negative, such as charge rejection, such as negative and negative.Nevertheless, in most cases, things have neutral charges because they are balanced, which means there is no charge at all.When physical things go through the imbalance of protons and neutrons, they get a charge, resulting in a positive or negative charge.
This is where fun starts!Balloon: material-Tape-Scissors-Two balloons-Door frame-String-Wool jerseys Step 1: First measure two ropes of the same size, then tie them to the frame at the door, about inches apart.Step 2: Blow the two balloons up, tie them up, keep the air from escaping, and hang them on the strings so they are in exactly the same position as each other.Step 3: Rub the wool sweaters against a balloon at a time and charge them.
What is happening is that we give the balloons extra electrons, which will cause them all to be negatively charged and they will reject each other and try to stay as far away as possible from each other.Try to force them to be together, or try to put something between them and bring them together to see what happens.Magic cans and cool hair: materials-Two inflatable balloonsWool sweater-Can-Your hair-Mirror Step 1: Rub each balloon with a wool sweater first to see if they will stay together.
Because they all have negative electricity now, they will reject each other!Step 2: Now, take a balloon and stand in front of the mirror.Rub the balloon back and forth on your hair and slowly pull it away.What did you see?Your hair is now charged and each of your hair is trying to stay as far away from the rest as possible so that your hair ends up looking great.
Step 3: place the empty tank on a flat surface.Rub the balloon on your head again and place it near the jar.The jar will approach the balloon.If you drag the balloon over the table, the jar will follow you.
This is because the jar and the balloon have the opposite charge, so attract.Static electricity is definitely an interesting way to learn science!
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