inflated balloon Coronary Angioplasty India

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inflated balloon Coronary Angioplasty India
The heart muscles depend on normal and optimal oxygen supply.In turn, it delivers blood to the whole body.The oxygen supply of the heart is done with the help of the coronary system.
The blood that flows through the coronary artery delivers oxygen to the heart muscles.Sometimes the deposition of cholesterol, excess muscle cells, collagen and other substances, and sometimes the accumulation of protein in the inner wall of the artery can lead to the stenosis and hardening of these blood vessels.This process in medical terminology is called "".
Blocking the arteries in this way will leave the heart under oxygen.If the blockage is mild, it will only cause pain.If the situation is serious, the part of the heart that lacks oxygen will actually die.
This is what we call a heart attack.
Vascular prototyping is a medical procedure used to open the blocked coronary artery and improve the blood flow of the heart.Sometimes, after a heart attack, the surgeon tries to open the blocked artery through a technique called balloon vascular formation.\ 'In balloon vascular formation, a long tube (catheter) with a balloon at one end is inserted through the groin and directed to the heart-blocked artery.
The balloon was inflated at the scene.
The expanded balloon crushed the plaque (sediment) on the wall of the artery ).The balloon was then deflated and taken out.In addition to balloon vascular formation, there is also a technique called laser vascular formation in which laser beams are used to cut patches.
After surgery, your doctor may insert a device called a stent to keep the arteries open for a long time.This procedure is safe and effective in most cases.Complications can include nausea, mild infection, and temporary pain if they occur.
What is vascular formation?Balloon vascular prototyping (also known as just vascular prototyping) is an operation that allows doctors to open the blocked coronary artery, which is the artery that provides oxygen and nutrition to your heart muscles.During this process, the balloon catheter (fine tube) is inserted into the blocked artery to eliminate the blockage.Blockage may be present in the arteries of the arm, leg or heart.
The catheter is inserted into the blood vessels of the elbow or groin.It is passed through the interior of the vessel so that the tip of the catheter is at the point where the artery is blocked.The narrow arteries stretch by inflating balloons at the tip of the catheter, allowing the blood to flow through the arteries normally again.
Then the doctor took out the catheter and the balloon.Usually, after surgery, an expandable device called a stent is inserted into your blocked artery.The stent can help the arteries remain open for a longer period of time.
The doctor chooses to perform vascular shaping or insert the stent according to the type and location of the blockage.In addition to being effective, this procedure is safe and well tolerated in most cases.What is the cause of coronary artery blockage?Studies have shown that coronary blockage begins when certain factors damage the endometrium of the coronary artery.
These factors are.
..Due to insulin resistance or diabetes, the proportion of certain fats and cholesterol that smoke in high blood pressure is high. Your body begins to heal when damage occurs.Excess fatty tissue releases compounds that enhance this process.
This healing causes plaque on the inner wall of the arteries to cause these vessels to narrow and harden.The formation of coronary plaque may begin from childhood.As you get older, plaque can cause some of your coronary arteries or completely blocked.
This leads to a decrease in oxygen flowRich blood into your heart muscles.Plaque also breaks, which leads to blood cells called plateletsLet) gather together and form a blood clot at the crack.This can make the arteries more narrow and worsen the coronary heart disease or have a heart attack.
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