inflated balloon Common Household Dangers for Children

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-05-29
inflated balloon Common Household Dangers for Children
Tragic Family accidents happen every day.The evening news is filled with poisoning, drowning and suffocation.No parent should face the heartbreak and regret of preventable accidents.Here are some common household hazards that everyone should pay attention.
Pills look a lot like candy and liquid drugs look a lot like juice.Between 2001 and 568,939, according to the CDC, 2003 children were inadvertently exposed to drugs.While most of these cases are not fatal, they may be fatal.
In the United States, 95% of poisoning deaths are caused by drugs.Medicines must be stored in child protection containers in high, locked cabinets.Household cleaning products can be harmful or even fatal to children if ingested.
Liquid detergents and sprays are usually brightly colored, like juices.Keep in contact with all the clean chemicals, it is best to put them on high and in locked cabinets.Even if the sink has a child safety latch, do not put the cleaning supplies under the sink.
The Consumer Product Safety Board reports that 350 children under the age of 5 drown in swimming pools every year.However, it is not just the swimming pool that is dangerous.Any amount of water is harmful to children.
There is also a risk of drowning in the bathtub, bucket, toilet and hot tub.Never leave water in any place the child may enter.Hanging a rope can lead to strangulation.The Consumer Product Safety Board recorded 160 deaths involving blinds from 1991 to 2000.
The wires must always be out of contact with the child.Dry cleaning bags, garbage bags and plastic grocery bags are dangerous for small children and can cause suffocation.Handle or recycle plastic bags in time.Children like to play with balloons.However, latex balloons are in danger of choking and choking.
From 1973, at least 110 children were crushed to death by balloons.If inhaled, the balloon will completely block the airway.Don't let little kids try to blow balloons, bite inflatable balloons, or chew deflated balloons.
According to the Consumer Product Safety Board, between 1993 and 20,000, 2000 children under the age of 15 needed emergency room care for washing machine-related injuries.Children may be trapped inside and should never be allowed to play near the washing machine.Personal care items such as perfumes and mouthwash are the number one source of poisoning reported by the US poisoning control center.
Keep all hygiene items that children do not have access.Even a temporary lack of supervision can be dangerous.Every year, 116 children in the United States die after being backed up in their own lanes.
Never let the children play in the unattended Lane, even for a while.Many common household plants are poisonous to children.It includes butter cups, Cat mint, English ivy, hydrangea, Iris, lily of the valley and many other plants.
Be sure to study online to see if your indoor plants are safe for your child
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