inflated balloon Breathe for Your Life

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-01
inflated balloon Breathe for Your Life
"Stand up straight, suck your belly, hold your chest", these are the instructions most of us submit in a folder marked with good poses.When we are told to take a deep breath, we instinctively contract our stomach back to our spine.We grew up in childhood, and that made us grow into adulthood firmly.
What we call life, from the beginning of our first breath to the end of our last breath.Breathing is the most basic and important function of human beings.We can live for a few days without food and water, but we can't last for a few minutes without breathing.
However, we seldom think about how to breathe.Most alternative health patterns are designed to enhance and increase the flow of chi or energy through the body.Proper breathing can have a profound impact on our quality of life.
It can even be said that proper breathing techniques are the basis of many alternative or holistic patterns and can certainly improve self-efficacyTechniques such as meditation, visualization, coloring and yoga are regulated.Breathing work is also a major component of yoga, tai chi, qigong and most other healing arts..Breathing properly is one of the most positive things we can do to improve our health.
Ancient Chinese teachings claim that in order to be healthy, we need to improve the flow of gas or energy in our bodies.The way we breathe has a huge impact on our ability to keep our breath, which is our life force and flows through our bodies.For most Americans, breathing is a shallow process involving only the upper part of the lungs.
The more stressful a person experiences, the tighter the contraction of the abdomen, the more difficult it is to breathe deeply.Shallow and shallow breathing can deprive the body of oxygen and slow down the function of the body.It also constantly stimulates our combat or flight response, sending a duplicate message to our brain, "there is a problem ", when deep yoga or abdominal breathing sends a message to our brain, I'm fine ".
The human body is a magical machine.
We are very resilient and able to withstand a lot of pressure.But, like a power outlet-we worked well before the circuit was overloaded, and then we were blown out.This is shown in a very individual way in each person's body, depending on that person's inclination.
In one person, the energy of this overload or blockage becomes a migraine, in another person, eventually becomes an ulcer, and others may develop cancer, or the immune system is compromised, so much so that we are infected with every cold and flu.How often have you experienced a few days of extreme stress and a cold head when you wake up a few days later?All functions of the body, whether voluntary or involuntary, are at the mercy of breathing.Using technology to improve our breathing means improving the functioning of all our organs and systems, including: breathing, circulation, digestion, glands and nervous systems.
.If you look at a baby to sleep, you will notice that their stomachs swell when they breathe in and contract when they breathe out.This is the same as the complete yoga breath.This complete yoga breath took me six months to practice once I was shown, making it my normal breathing pattern.
Working in New York City, between the showrooms.I found that it calmed me down, dramatically changed my mood and eliminated any anxiety I might have experienced.In the end, taking a deep breath became my norm.
Here are some simple and powerful breathing techniques that can be used to restore the flow of Prana (energy, gas) to the body.1.Complete yoga breathing.Breathe deeply through your nose.Relax the abdominal muscles and let the abdomen expand like an inflatable balloon.b.Breathe out through the nose, contracting the abdominal muscles until the diaphragm expands and squeezes up into the chest under the ribs.
Keep breathing until you build a natural rhythm.Pay attention to the lifting of the abdomen.d.After filling the lower lung, first concentrate on filling the middle lung, and then fill the upper lung.
When you breathe out, first deflate your upper lung, then deflate your middle lung, and then deflate your abdomen.Make your breath steady and rhythmic, like a wave after wave of rising, constantly moving in and out.2.Ujjayi -The Breath of the ocean.Breathe in with your nose and breathe in slowly.
Slightly shrink the back of your throat, like a "ah" sound, but your mouth is closed.When the air passes through the trachea, this will produce a slight hissing sound at the back of the throat.Shrinking the back of the throat can also regulate the flow of breathing, thus prolonging the time of inspiration and breath.
As you continue to breathe slowly, use the yoga breath above to relax and expand your abdomen.c.Continue to slightly shrink the back of your throat, just like making a "eeeee" sound, and your mouth closes when you breathe out.Breathe out as you slowly pull into your abdomen and completely empty your lungs upwards.
Control the flow of breathing-Make it long and slow.3.a.Sit comfortably.Bring your right hand to your nose-Insert the index finger and middle finger into the palm of your hand.When you close the left nostrilc, close the right nostrils with your thumb and the third and fourth fingers.
Close the right nostrils with your thumb and breathe in through the left nostrils, count twice.d.Hold your breath and fold the two nostrils together to eight.e.Close the left nostrils with your third and fourth fingers.
Breathe out through your right nostrils and count to four.f.Keep the left nostrils closed, breathe in through the right nostrils, count twice.g.Hold your breath and fold the two nostrils together to eight.
Close the right nostrils with your thumb, breathe out through the left nostrils, count four times.This completes the round-continue at your own pace.This breathing technique is especially good for involving the left and right hemisphere of the brain before examination or performance.
It's the work of breathing.
In the past, it was called rebirth.
This is a simple circular breathing that takes place in half an hour to an hour, resulting in a change in the state of consciousness that allows the body to reveal and release the wounds of the past.In my experience as a practitioner, this is one of the most venting processes available, but should only be tried with trained practitioners.Finally, I invite you to pay attention and thank you for your breath, at least a few minutes a day.
Try some of the above tips and don't forget to breathe for your life
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