inflatable tube man uses craigslist for bank robbery getaway

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-07
inflatable tube man uses craigslist for bank robbery getaway
Let me know this very well.This is not the way to make money using Craigslist.Watch original stories here."A very talented thief robbed an armored vehicle outside the Bank of America branch in Monroe, Washington, and used Craigslist to hire bait to stop the authorities.On Wednesday, a man posted a work list on Craigslist to hire men for construction sites, while in fact they are being used as bait for robbers to escape.
An unidentified robber walked to an open armored truck outside the Bank of America and used pepper spray to make the guards out of power.Then the robber grabbed a bag of money and walked to a nearby stream and ran away with an inflatable tube.The robbers, dressed in building costumes, wearing dust masks, took off their clothes while walking and used unsuspecting construction workers as bait to help him escape.
Like in a movie!At the same time, at least a dozen male workers employed through Craigslist gathered at the Bank of America branch, believing that they would meet with contractors at 11: 00 a.m. in order to carry out routine road maintenance in the area.They were asked to wear the same clothes as the robbers, a yellow vest and a blue shirt, as well as safety goggles and breathing masks.
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