inflatable tube Great Wolf Lodge and Water Park, Wisconsin Dells

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-02
inflatable tube Great Wolf Lodge and Water Park, Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin Dells has been known as a summer resort by travelers for years, enjoying some of the country's best water rides in the sun.Now, the excitement doesn't have to end when Labor day comes.With a variety of indoor water parks, Wisconsin Dells is a great choice for winter vacation.
The new Wolf Inn is such a resort.
I have been watching on I90/94 for some time now that it has been built on my journey north and I have had to experience it personally with our family for the past Christmas.My wife and I came here on Saturday and the front desk staff greeted us warmly.There is a huge cuckoo clock in the hall that will perform at a fixed time during the day.
We met with our family on a floor and the children were busy decorating Christmas cookies as part of many activities sponsored by the Big Wolf.Some of our family members were found in the Wolf's own playroom, Youkon Jack's.We can test our skills in more than 70 different competitions and win tickets that can be redeemed for any number of prizes.
The big prize for our group is an Angela doll on the carpet mouse that little Brooke's dad won for her.And a 3-Take the bear Biko next to the arcade as the protagonist of the D theater performance.One of the biggest parts of our stay is the huge indoor water park.
You can climb and climb in the "tree house" where there is a subway where guests can go alone or double the car because they splash on the curve in the waterfall, enter the dark tunnels that lead to a huge pool.We had a great time when we took the inflatable tube to the top and anxiously waited for us to drop the slide.For those brave enough to have a body slide to go out with a tube, all you have to do is lay on your back and head feet first and go through a series of twists and turns to get your heart racing.
I have to remember to tuck my nose at the end of the slide or I will hum water.The cottage also boasts a huge 50 gallon barrel, high on the rides, filled every 5 minutes.The bell rings, warning that the bucket is about to empty the contents, and all those who are in range will be sure to get wet.
I expect everyone to run away when the bell rings, but they all run to the center to experience the full Flushing power of the bucket.For those who don't like the thrill and overflow, the water park also offers the "Spirit Island", a more relaxing part of the water park, it features smaller metro rides and a lazy river that you can relax in the water as the water flows around youThere are also several children's swimming pools with mini water slides for young people to enjoy the bigger rides.We had dinner at the Big Wolf's Moose bar and grill.
This is a nice menu for you to enjoy from sandwiches to prime ribs.You can even try the elk burger.During the meal, some of our young members were welcomed by their own furry mascots, bear Biko and Wolf Willie.After dinner, walking through the bakery in the lobby made us almost forget how much we had already eaten.
Although some of us did try it, it's hard to get down the water slide tonight.We then went to the Buckhorn Exchange gift shop where we were looking for souvenirs to remind us of our stay.For those of you who didn't go to the water sports that afternoon, they can enjoy time at the big wolf guest spa and salon where you can do your hair or enjoy a nice massage.
If you want something to eat, you can check out the iron horse fitness room in the cabin.The next morning, my mom prepared breakfast brunch for us in a private party room in Wolf.This is a good buffet restaurant with scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit and muffins, the children were surprised by Santa's visit and he was also near the cottage that weekend.
He brought gifts to many smiling faces.
Then, this group of people used old-fashioned hay --Here, a tractor pulls everyone outside the resort to see elk and other wildlife.I suspect that Wolf is with us and he is looking for some stray elk.Just a weekend stay, there are too many things to see and do.
The best part is to be able to enjoy everything at the resort without having to go to other places for dinner and entertainment.A lot of the time I found the rooms in the hotel were just for sleeping, but it was nice to be close to the water park and activities.This is a perfect choice for winter vacations.
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