inflatable sports arena for sale Real Estate Scripts: FSBO Objections

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-30
inflatable sports arena for sale Real Estate Scripts: FSBO Objections
I am often asked what you would say when the owner says [ask for a sale...?I always have an answer for every FSBO objection, but only because I have the advantage of knowledge and skills over FSBO sellers.Here is a list of common FSBO seller objections and quick follow-upUp statement for list agent.
"I will save money," they said.
I don't have to pay the commission of the Realtor.You said, "Well, you can save some Commission;Did you know that more than 90% of the houses sold by the owners are sold by realtors?(FSBO reply) so, we're actually talking about saving the seller's commission.Is it worth knowing that you will eliminate the vast majority of buyers and even look at your house and save a small portion of the selling price?When do you have time to discuss plans to sell a house?They said, "I'll see if I can sell it myself.
You said, "Okay!Have you considered which type of buyer the owner's home sells?(FSBO reply) agents work with qualified buyers who have the ability to obtain a loan or may be a cash buyer.What arrangements have you made to ensure that your potential visitors are qualified buyers?What's interesting is (FSBO response ).You have time to get together this evening to discuss the pre-Qualified buyers?They said: "I have an ad in the paper and I will put it on Craigslist.
"You said," that's great.
What other ways do you use to expose your home to potential onlookers?(FSBO reply) do you have time to meet this weekend so I can share some other ideas with you?They said, "I have someone who is interested."You said," that's good news.You knowAs a seller, the negotiation strategy will help you get the best possible offer without waiting for a few days?(FSBO reply) will we review the strategy tomorrow morning?"My friend is a lawyer, so she's going to do paper work," they said."You said:" The Four Steps to sell the house are: exposure, response to buyers, negotiation and paperwork.
I'm just curious how will your friend help you with the other three big steps?(FSBO reply) can you meet tomorrow day or night to discuss these three big steps?They said: "I can't afford to go public with realtors.I need every penny of the sale price.You said, "I see.How is your sales price determined?(FSBO response) great!Are you familiar with the current market?(FSBO response) do you have time to meet on Monday or Tuesday evening to review the current real estate market facts?I can help you estimate the income and determine the bottom line for you."I can pay $500," they said.00 has my home on MLS."You said," Great!MLS is a way to present your house to agents working with buyers.
What are your plans to show your house to buyers who have not yet worked with realtors?(FSBO reply) will 5 or 7 points allow us to review how to attract interested buyers?"I don't think Realtors are worth their money," they said.Choosing a top real estate agent is a serious and important process.How many Realtors did you interview to market your house?(FSBO reply) why we don't meet this evening, I can help you write down the key questions that ask every real estate agent you interview.
They said: "I know my home better than any realtor.You said, "I'm sure it's true.I will preview the house near your home compared to your home.Knowing your competitors will give you a huge advantage.
Would you like to be with me?(Seller reply) can I help you with other sales issues?They said: "I have a friend in the business world to give me advice."You said," Great!In the process of selling your house, we can make your friends a partner and don't miss any valuable market time.That way you know you got the best advice.
Can you meet tonight?They said, "Would you halve the cost if you sold the house ?"?\"You say:\"No.Are you very familiar with how brokerage commissions can be split through the MLS system?(FSBO reply) do you have time to meet tomorrow afternoon or evening?They said, "What can you do that I can't do in order to sell my house ?"?You said: "There are several factors in selling the house.The seller is responsible for and controls the two main factors (conditions and prices );The location is given and the fourth factor is the responsibility (marketing) of the Realtor ).
Do you have time tomorrow to discuss these four factors?They said: "I heard that the broker will still take me home if I have it on MLS.You said, "it's true that some people might show it.What arrangements did you make for the compensation to show the agent in your home?(Seller reply) I may have some suggestions for you on how to attract more agents.
Are you free to discuss a few options tonight?They said: "I don't want someone in the house to be left unattended.You said, "You're right.Security is an important issue.However, as Realtors, we have taken several steps to maintain the safety and integrity of the buying process.Are you free to discuss our measures to protect family safety this evening?They said, "I sold my last house myself.
"You said," it's good for you!What must happen before you consider interviewing a top agent who can sell your house?(FSBO reply) can you meet this evening?They said, "I just want to try to sell it myself for thirty days.\"You say:\"Ok.I'm curious, what would you do if the offer I gave you was 95%?(Seller reply) if I can get the highest dollar for your house in the next 30 days, will you list it today?(Seller reply) can you meet this evening to review our plan?\ "On the surface, the FSBO opposition has a dual focus: Brokerage commission and house price.After an extensive interview or conversation, peel back process will reveal potential concerns or genuine objections.
One common thing for all FSBO sellers is: the value of the Realtor (or lack of understanding of our value ).) It is a challenge for FSBO sellers to understand and accept your value.One strategy is to compare your efforts (marketing, exposure, response time, access, availability, follow-upEfforts on them (advertising, Craigslist, maybe MLS, limited Web exposure, a logo, friends in business, or whatever ).
Once a comparison is made, it should be a simple end.\ "Your value realtor, you are all competing for the listing.At the FSBO arena, your competition is beyond the realm of real estate agents.
Your competitor is the seller.
Remember: Do not insult or devalue the efforts of the seller.They believe they can do your job and do it better.Focus your speech on your value, your differences, the real value you bring.
This is the only way to be the real champion of the FSBO arena.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Coach Cheri Alguire has directed thousands of realtors to teach the scripts and other skills needed to take their business to a new level of success.For more information about her real estate coaching program, check out outwww.
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