inflatable soccer game 3 Ways to Gain More Exposure with Event Marketing

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-02
inflatable soccer game 3 Ways to Gain More Exposure with Event Marketing
There are many things in common with activities like this, but one is much higher than the others.They attracted a large number of people.This means that you have to get attention in order to be successful.It's easy to say. There are thousands of people thinking about it.
Since the golden rule of campaign marketing is to attract attention, you have to do the campaign outside of the box (or booth.There are three ways to make you stand out and make sure there is a higher level of traffic for your exhibition.#1 -The trick to thinking outside of the event marketing box is to observe what others are doing and then do the opposite.
For example, since the height of most booths or exhibits does not exceed 10 feet, please take your booth or exhibits to the ceiling.Topcon did that at the Las Vegas fair.They used an inflatable glowing globe to secure the ceiling above the floor display.Talk about attentiongetting!Everyone can see it as soon as they enter the hall.
The Valenzano winery has a great presence in an outdoor wine competition.Standard white tents were used by all participants, but Valenzano placed 15-foot-They had a tall inflatable bottle at the entrance.Because it is higher than the tent, this is the first thing most people see when they enter the festival venue.
In fact, they have a group of people waiting to take pictures with huge inflatable bottles.#2 -If you can resonate emotionally with event visitors, you will attract their attention and stay longer in their memory.This is a method taken by the water Office of the Environmental Protection Bureau during the Water Week.
They specially commissioned a inflatable mascot Thirstin \ 'for the event \'.Bigger than life, bright colors, lovely;Thirstin \ 'brought fun to the event and gathered a large number of people.In the same way, Kinetik brought a huge stone-like ghost at their trade show.
Now, this is a person who attracts attention!The shock of seeing this green monster stopped passers-by on their tracks.His whimsical charm left them at the booth, giving delegates the opportunity to talk to tourists.Very smart strategy!#3 -Add a game!Everyone likes to try their hands (or feet )!Baseball and football.
The inflatable game gives you the freedom to easily set up and disassemble, and also offers a special draw.People will be in line to play, which means they will be in touch with your message longer.Entertainment can also be education.Ask the sunshine of nature.They hired 80-foot-The big presidents in their country inflate the colon.
Through the exhibition, visitors learned about bowel disease and how to prevent it, and got information about natural sunshine products.Finding ways to engage participants in the event is definitely the key.Will be the secret sauce in your campaign marketing recipes.
This will also be the reason why you won more booth traffic and more leads from your sales reps.Stephanie mechamm, vice president of landmark creative, has designed and manufactured custom inflatable toys since 1986.Looking for ideas for event planning and marketing?http://www.
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