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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-04
A faulty tire can cause a loss of life.Even new tires for 5 or more years should not be placed on the car, as the rubber content decreases over time.(Note: the last three figures on the tire serial number tell the week and year of the tire manufacturing.So how do we get the rubber tires anyway?In Central and South America, rubber was used for centuries before it was introduced into Western culture.
Rubber is harvested from SAP and used as a pencil eraser to "rub" pencil marks ---\"rubber.In the rubber of the 1830 s, waterproof glue from Brazil came to the United States.One problem--It freezes in winter and turns into glue in summer.
Charles Goodyear believes that dry powder can be added to chewing gum to absorb stickiness.He tried a mixture of magnesium sand and magnesium sand, quicklime and nitric acid.Alas, his rubber set of shoes became a bunch of stinking sticky in the heat.
After five years of failure, Goodyear tried the combination of chewing gum and sulfur, added heat and made waterproof rubber, which remained waterproof for all seasons.He created the vulcanization rubber named after the god of fire, waken.This vulcanization rubber is more durable and elastic.
Goodyear was very confident in his new work, and he predicted rubber paint, car springs, inflatable life rafts, rubber football and frogman suits by 100.In 1888, John Dunlop invented the first Airfilled (i.e., Inflatable) tires--for bicycles.Michelin launched its first car inflatable tire in 1895.
(The Michelin Man was founded in 1898.
Goodyear Tire, named after Charles, died in 1860 on a debt of $200,000 ---The first tire was patented but was not commercially promoted on Packard until 1954.They also added carbon to the formula, which increased the life of the tires.A installable RIM was developed in 1904 to allow the driver to repair his own apartment, and Frank cyberlin invented the first tire with a groove in 1908 for better traction.
These grooves or tread designs also improve the driver's handling, driving comfort and tire life.However, it was not until 1911 that Philip Strauss invented the first truly successful tire.Until then, the tires were made of wood, metal or solid rubber.
Strauss developed a combined rubber tire with airFull of inner tubes.There was a shortage of natural rubber during World War II, and synthetic rubber was used to make up for the shortage.Synthetic rubber is synthesized from petroleum and other minerals.
This surpassed the use of natural rubber for the first time in 1960.So, since you know how long it will take to buy these tires for your vehicle, be careful!Keep them inflated properly and save money, gas and your own peace of mind
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