inflatable soccer ball with pump How to Make a Paper Mache Ball Without a Balloon

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-17

It takes a circular shape to make a paper ball.Although the most popular form is a balloon, with a little bit of intelligence you can put the balloon outside and use another object.The trick is to select an object that is resistant to the paste glue so that it can be removed.Plastic, vinyl and latex are good options.Mix 1 cup of water, 1 cup of flour and 2 tablespoons of salt until the mixture is smooth.The consistency of the mixture should be the consistency of heavy cream.Tear the newspaper into 1-Inch wide strip.Put the straps aside.The torn note is better mixed together than the cut note.Knead the newspaper into two balls of the same size.These paper balls will be your paper balls.Make sure how big the ball you want to finish and make your newspaper ball a little smaller.Cover each newspaper ball loosely with a plastic bag.Plastic bags will prevent paper scraps from sticking to the table.Once the paper is dry, keeping the plastic bag loose on the form will help to release the form.Put each plasticCover the newspaper into a separate bowl.The bowl simply holds the form of the paper paste in the appropriate position, making it easier to apply the paper paste.Soak the 1-An inch newspaper strip in the flour mixture.The bar should be saturated.Pull one out at a time and gently wipe the excess paper glue with your index finger and thumb.Cover half of each plasticNewspaper balls with flourSoaked newspaper stripsCover with at least three layers of paper.Dry completely.Remove each newspaper ball from the dry newspaper center.At this point, the newspaper forms cover only the newspapers in part.The newspaper form should be removed from the remaining half.Loose bags allow you to twist the plastic from the dry paper glue.Stick two sheets of paper together with flour to form a circleSoaked newspaper stripsDry completely.The two halves should be a little more flexible so that one table can be inserted slightly at the beginning of the other table.Continue adding flourBefore you are satisfied with the final size and shape, soak the newspaper strips onto your paper balls.
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