inflatable soccer ball game Mick Fanning to come to Shipstern Bluff for Red Bull Cape Fear challenge

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-27
inflatable soccer ball game Mick Fanning to come to Shipstern Bluff for Red Bull Cape Fear challenge
Twenty surfers will travel to Shipsternxa0In the next five months, bluff in the invitation surfing competition.The height of the Bluffs is 20 feet and is described as somexa0The most difficult waves in the world.Red Bull Cape of Good Hope fear will return on 2018.
It gives surfers the chance to accept the state's "best bloat", big wave surfers and Red Bull Cape Fear event creatorsxa0Said Mark Matthews."Shipstern Bluff's mountain area, strength and majestic intensity match 20 fearless big wave surfers, all of which are elements of high-profile surfing activities," he said .""A wave like surfing requires a special surfer.
The surfers who will participate in the competition include Mick Fanning, Ross Clark-Jones and 2016 champion Russell BirkeAt any time from August 1, the expansion level will be monitored if GreenWith the lights, invited surfers will have 48 hours to go to the competition in Tasi.He's three.World champion of the times, defeated Shipstern's bluff in a huge expansion in 2015."Surfing like Shipstern Bluff gives a sense of satisfaction and relief, but in events like Red Bull Cape Fear, it's a completely different game," he said .
"I watched every second in the last game.
I am in awe of the athletes and their performance.Testing myself in the ocean and also testing myself on my favorite big wave surfers will be a real honor and I will enjoy the challenge.The game will be closed to the audience, but the whole game will be broadcast on Red Bull TV.
Red Bull's fear of the Cape of Good Hope is supported by the Tasmanian government of the incident.This challenge was not held in 2017.The competition is in a unique, overlapping hot format.Five surfers will compete in four preliminaries, and the winners of each preliminaries will enter the final directly.
The highest-The surfer who was placed at the end of the final will be crowned as the 2018 m champion
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