inflatable soccer ball game Another attack on America

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-19
inflatable soccer ball game Another attack on America
This is another attack on Americans... NASCAR, uh!Here comes again on the left, saw health problems on the track, another movement started on the left, and the long line will be longer ...... Take a picture, wait, what's next, football, baseball, little league and soccer mom.Fan had better be careful to ask the person on the left to sit on the sofa and select the knitting needle to use .
..... They are competing in various forms of attack ...... In school, you can't use LEGO because your child may, because you may offend Muslims, so you can't say in the oath that under the leadership of God, sports and break between classes are gone, you can't boo each other in high school football.When the kids get frustrated, we know to give them drugs, no wonder we have a drug problem in the US!The list is still going on, Americans are not stupid, we are working on your dirty tricks .
..... The recent attack on Turkey by "collaborator peloxi" destroyed the supply line of the war against terror, which will only help the enemy of the United States ...... Another strategy to destroy the United States we love ...... I think it would be better for us to take a closer look at the leaders of Congress and start putting them in charge of the Americans, not the enemies of the Americans.
This is so obvious to Americans;I still can't see a picture of you sitting with our enemies in Syria.However, you become more and more bold and let your true colors show.Now, Hillary Clinton is pushing for government reform in one million, another strategy to take control from the private sector .
..... I was stationed in Iceland in 1962.
I work with the people of Iceland every day and we will discuss socialism and capitalism.My Icelandic friend explained to me what would happen to every dollar he earned: 50 cents to the government and the remaining 50 cents to the government savings account;He lives in the rest ...... Now, if he needs to save for any reason, it has to go through a committee and it is almost impossible to get your money .
..... I asked him if he had his own house.
"The government has everything, you can only rent the property to build it and will eventually return it to the government ".What is your intention, Hilary, that 401 k is just another step of socialism?Americans, we are fighting the left. this is a battle.The bubble heads of Congress are taking our rights off a little bit and weakening the Constitution because it is holding back their agendas, which, trust me, do not support American values.
Only a "pen thorn" is needed to break their bubble, and the pen is stronger than the sword.Americans, you 'd better keep an eye on the ball or you might wake up in Russia or Iran ...... That Hound!Definition of West-West Dictionary: West-Serenade.
sissy noun;Plural noun;cissy noun;Someone who is considered weak or weak..Alias: Coward weaklingmilksop, charmingLooking at today's society, there are a lot of sisies, they are in various forms of media in government, public schools, universities ...... They shout out the truth with political correctness, they keep writing articles and blogs, and always use role assassination and other tools to demonize people who are inconsistent with their way of thinking.
Usually, they are people who have never really worked, and they are people who still live in the weak minds of academia .......They twist the facts, make up lies, write a story, and then disappear into the cave, hiding behind the rocks, or places that are invisible.When facing things in real time, they are hidden behind race or gender.
Those who are constantly changing the subject matter in politics, step by step ......Common sense has no place in their world.Yes, the word maiden is right.Yes, the same weak mind thousands of years ago is still with us today and they should be sent to their room until they learn to be adults..."The strong discuss ideas, ordinary people discuss events, and the weak discuss people.
” ?Roosevelt chose this sentence as her favorite famous saying ...... Look at the list below and you will decide ...... Are Americans in the war?Here is an excerpt from the records of the US Congress .
..... FBI Agent W Cleon Skousen raised 45 points in Congressional records in January 10, 1963, and he started extensive research on communism during his 16-year service.He wrote the book "naked communism.Website: 21) control key locations in radio, television and movies.24) eliminate all laws on obscenity by calling them "censorship" and by violating freedom of expression and freedom of the press.
25) breaking ethical and cultural standards by promoting pornographic and obscene content in books, magazines, movies, radio and television.26) treat homosexuality, degradation and promiscuity as "normal, natural and healthy ".27) infiltrate the church and replace the exposed religion with the "social" religion.
Denigrating the Bible, emphasizing the need for intellectual maturity, which does not require a "religious cane" 28) to eliminate prayer in schools or any stage of religious expression, the reason is that it violates the principle of "church and state separation" and the old-fashioned disconnect from modern needs hinders cooperation among countries around the world.The founding father of the United States.They are described as selfish nobles, and they do not care about "ordinary people ".31) belittle all forms of American culture and block the teaching of American History on the grounds that it is only a fraction of the "big picture": "Since the Communist Party supported any socialist movement, A greater emphasis on the history of Russia to focus on controlling any part of the culture ---Education, social institutions, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
33) eliminate all laws or procedures that prevent the functioning of communist institutions.Use the family as an institution to discredit it.Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.41) emphasize the need to keep children away from the negative effects of parents.
Attribute the child's prejudice, psychological disorder, and slowness to the influence of the parent's suppression.Has the Democratic Party become a hate party and is it now aligned with hate religion?
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