inflatable rides Penang Island's Best Beach: Batu Ferringhi

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-25
inflatable rides Penang Island\'s Best Beach: Batu Ferringhi
It's hard to find quiet secluded beaches in Penang.On the other hand, if you are looking for highFull of exciting and exciting energy activities, the beach at Batu Ferringghi is world class.There is also a very long beach with beautiful beaches.
I think this is the best beach in Penang and can take a walk in the cool morning or at sunset.Similar to paragliding, paragliding is the most spectacular event in Batu Ferringhi.A high-speed steamboat towed a specially designed parachute into the air, sending passengers into the air.
There is no need to worry about special clothing or equipment.You take off from the beach and go back to the same place so there is no chance to get wet (except for a little spray ).The first time I tried this activity myself, the guy who helped when I was flying yelled wildly in my ear.
The problem is that when I feel my feet lift from the ground, I start to panic!Only when the glider stopped rising around a hundred metres did I relax.Then I can enjoy the view of the Straits of Malacca or the Inland View of the Penang mountains.When the ship brought us back to the shore and I started to drop, I panicked again.
The guy yelled like crazy again and this time I realized he told me to pull some rope to drive the parasol.Once I realized I didn'tAgain panicked and landed gracefully like a hummingbird.I think so anyway!The second time in the air, I had more fun.
do not panic.
..Listen to that guy yelling in your ear.
Beaches in Southeast Asia are not performing well in terms of safety.Mix the paraglider with the swimmer and mix the alcohol with the power boat...These things may have bad results.Fortunately, the local government takes these issues seriously and Batu ferlingji is the safest beach in Penang.
There is a single designated activity in each area of the beach to reduce accidents and only reputable companies can operate.My only complaint is to specify the size of several areas for swimming.They are tiny!But you can only swim in 50 metres wide!One of the pleasures of visiting Penang is that it is very unusual for anyone to try to deceive you.
In Batu Ferringhi, the prices of various activities are significantly shown on the government logo.It takes 80 RM for one person to fly by paragliding and 150 RM for two people.Inflatable rides for at least 4 people on board (such as "Banana Boat") are priced at 25 RM.
The quality of the beach is very good.
The trend won't go too far, so you don't need to worry too much about the time of the day.Clean sand, no stone, ideal for all kinds of games.There are beach volleyball nets near the Royal Hotel.
Of course, many people have their own activities.I don't know what the teenagers below are doing, but they seem to enjoy it.There are lounge chairs for rent and several cafes on the beach.
You can also find massage services and massage services here.The price of foot massage is about 30 RM, which is a good deal if you are just walking on the beach.There is a very developed resort on the coast of batuferringi.
Large luxury hotels such as Royal Park and Golden Beach have gardens and direct access to the beach.Cheap hotels can be found nearby, and the price of air-conditioned rooms is about 50 RM per night.There is a bus in the middle of the resort to drop you off.
Starting at the bus stop at Weld Quay, 101 kilometers runs through the heart of Georgetown.The price of Georgetown is about 1.5 RM.When you see the Sands resort you will know when to get off.Follow the crowd to find the way to the beach.
Not far, but the hotel has occupied most of the real estate between the road and the sea, with only a few alleys to access.It takes about 50 RM by taxi from Georgetown.You should be ready to negotiate.One of the few troubles in Penang is that drivers don't like to use electricity meters in taxis.
There are several small cafes on the beach offering snacks.In the alley leading to the beach, street vendor stalls offer more noodle snacks at a price of only 4 RM.In the evening, a spectacular performance was staged in many restaurants.
The beach is very photogenic, so here are a few of my favorite photos
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