inflatable raft Tasmanian and three others rescued, mate dies

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-11
inflatable raft Tasmanian and three others rescued, mate dies
A kayak named Tasmanian was rescued in northern Queensland, but one of his companions has died.After despairxa0Rescuers found the body of a man on Friday afternoon.The 37-year-Old Sydney is part of an experienced team of four kayaking athletes from new state, tazhou and Victoria who plan this long distance trip.
The man's kayak was trapped in the rapids of the remote north Johnson river.Inspector straf stratemeier said the dense, rugged bushes made rescue efforts very difficult.It is understood that the man was the first to be trapped around one o'clock P.
on Thursday when his kayak was trapped in a certain part of the river.His team launched an emergency distress signal and started the search.A caregiver and rescue worker were sent to the area to spend the night with a group of people at the top of the waterfall while starting the search.
Due to the remote location, all personnel and equipment must be flown in by air, which hinders rescue efforts.Athes spokesman Shane Jarvis said there were 12 swift water personnel on site, some of whom spent the night with a caregiver in a riverside area."They spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to actually implement the plan for the rescue ,"xa0He said.
"This rescue is very challenging, and there is a lot of water flowing on the kayaks below where we think the victims are."A lot of water puts a lot of pressure on the kayak to release the pressure.Two mechanical systems are being set up to try to pull the kayak out of the water, but the process of fixing the two lines to the kayak is slow.
An inflatable raft work platform is being flown under a kayak to allow rescuers to better enter without endangering their own safety.More than 50 people are trying to rescue the man, described as "a huge effort"xa0The inspector is responsibleOn Friday morning, rescue 510 helicopters airlifted the man's four companions and sent them back to marlanda.Inspector strathmarnier said they were in good spirits but were waiting for their friends to be rescued.
Axa0The forward command post set up in the bush is working with the assistance of Queensland ambulances, the national emergency service and members of the Malanda community
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