inflatable raft Dreamworld accident: Son saw Sydney mother Cindy Low die in theme park tragedy

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-11
inflatable raft Dreamworld accident: Son saw Sydney mother Cindy Low die in theme park tragedy
The son of one of the victims of the Dreamworld riding disaster saw his mother's fatal fall when the Thunder River Rapids failed.Sydney's 42-year-old mother, Cindy Low, and her 10-year-old are at the theme park.year-Six-year-old son Kieranyear-The old daughter and her husband Matthew on Tuesday.
However, she made a tragic decision to separate herself from her daughter and her husband and ride another raft with her son and four strangers.When her team's inflatable raft crashed into another raft, she died on the wooden conveyor belt on the car, flipping and killing four of the six inside.Kieran saw the whole incident and was comforted by his father on Wednesday.
He was thrown from a raft-year-The daughter of another car accident victim, 32-year-old Canberra mother Kate Goodfield.The fact that the two children survived was "miracle ",xa0Police said Wednesday."Today, a beautiful wife, mother and dear friend was killed while enjoying [it should be] a relaxing family holiday," MS a friend of Low onlinePeople don't believe low families know this.
xa0Three Canberra vacationers were also killed.Witnesses said two daughters of MS Goodfield, along with their father, were screaming and crying to be taken out of the park, and their father came out of a mud-filled ride.The younger brother of MS Goodchild Luke, Emgrand, 35, and his partner Roozbeh Araghi, 38, were also killed.
It was Australia's worst theme park disaster since 1979, when seven people were killed in a fire on the ghost train at Sydney Luna Park.MS Low originally came from Kawerau, New Zealand, but settled in Sydney a few years ago and recently lived on the north shore with her children and husband. A specialist in the business systems of a hearing aid technology company.
She is on holiday with her family and some friends in Gold Coast.It is understood that they are all in the dream world on Tuesday.Queensland Police Assistant Director Brian Cod says two children aged 10 and 12xa0Was thrown into the water but survived.
"In terms of how they escaped, perhaps through God's providence," he said ."."From what I 've seen on CCTV [it's] almost a miracle for anyone to come out of it.I would also like to thank you if we want to thank anything.
This is an "absolute trauma" for these children, he said, and their families are taking care of them.Closed-circuit television, he said, showed that the raft was coming to an end and was pulled up with a wooden conveyor belt.The failure caused the raft to collide with another raft and flip back.
Six people on the raft were wearing velcro belts.Two adults were trapped underwater and two were thrown into the water.Dozens of people have witnessed the accident, including a British tourist who told the ferfax media that she saw a woman hanging from a raft.
Others ran out screaming and crying from the entrance of the car.The raft has been removed from the park for forensic examination.The Dreamworld will continue its engineering test on Wednesday, and the journey is expected to end in at least two or three days.
Police said at a press conference on Wednesdayxa0Two girls aged 10 and 13xa0Throw inxa0Water,xa0Police have clarifiedxa0It should be a 10-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl
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