inflatable party games Really Cool Hippies Party Games And Activities Perfect For a Hippies Theme Party

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-13
inflatable party games Really Cool Hippies Party Games And Activities Perfect For a Hippies Theme Party
The hippie era is a great time for hippie parties and games.Hippies are usually laid back and easy-going people who love the earth and each other.The hippie party of fun party games will fill the party guests with peace and love.
Nail the happy face to the flower: This game is perfect for hippie parties, and the purpose of the game is to place a smiling face in the center of the paper flower.Make Hippie jewelryMake Hippie jewelry cane make your own pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings with simple craft art materials.Set up a craft station for the kids to get their inner hippies out and enjoy the fun of making the hippie jewelry that takes home.
Hippie flower power game: This game is played with every guest who receives hippie flowers, so cutting out all kinds of flowers for the party will make party planning easy.Each child starts on a flower and once the music starts, the player has to walk around the party area leisurely.Players have to find a flower to stand again when the music stops, otherwise they will be eliminated.
The last player to find a flower is excluded from the game.Take another flower from the floor and continue the game until a player leaves, the player may try to push the other side away from the flower or claim that they are on the flower first, so, it is the party host's responsibility to keep everyone friendly and first judge who did it.Hippie Treasure Hunt: This game is played by hiding various hippie items in the party area for guests to find.
During the trip, hippies must look for as many items as possible.Give each player a small bag or basket to save the item and anything the player finds they can save.Players who collect the most items can get special hippie party offers.
Hippie party games and printable activities such as tornadoes, charades, and word search are ideal additions to the hippie party.Girls or boys who wish to attend should dress up as hippies and learn some hippie terms at a hippie party.Keep the party active through constant activities and games, a fun hippie party is sure to make kids and parents happy.
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