inflatable palm tree Luau Table Setting Ideas

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-14

Warm colors, tropical leaves and sweet, spicy foods make up the best luaus in Hawaii.Turn your backyard into a luau setting with potted palm trees, flashing tiki torches, and lazy hula music, but pay special attention to the table settings to reinforce the party theme.The idea of setting up the luau table that contains too much might look messy or cheesy, so pick some of your favorites for the elegant luau feast.Choose a raffia skirt similar to a grass skirt as a playful dining table background, surrounded by a buffet table and dining area.More elegant setting with a single tableColor the tablecloth in rich shades such as olives or magenta.If you are using a particularly vibrant table top decoration, choose a clear white tablecloth to show the surrounding colors.Luau is incomplete without colorful leis to commemorate and welcome guests.Integrate leis into the table settings by putting a lei on the back of each chair, placing lei on the seat of the chair, or putting a lei on each plate.Budget-Plastic or silk can be used by conscious owners;The flowers are beautiful but may be expensive.If you want to pursue the classic kitsch, you can use colorful paper trays with tropical floral patterns, dancing hula girls or peeling surfing.This may look too loud on a table that already has a lot of luauDecorated in style.If so, stick with one to play it downColor plates in gemstone tones, including purple, royal purple, turquoise or longevity chrysanthemum.Another option is to use a plastic caseDisplay the shape plates of seafood products.Or make natural luau tableware with woodBamboo board and ceramic glasses.Maintain the tropical charm of Lu Wu-A printed handkerchief used as a napkin.Or, use solid-Colorful napkins in bright colors, fixed by an orchid or tropical flower.If it's a day binge, tuck the napkin into the folded cheap sunglasses as a party favorite.Scattered Hawaii-Style decoration on the table, casual, beach appearance.Plastic lobster, Ocean glass and small inflatable palm trees will make you feel good.Luau centerpieces can decorate fresh pineapples with small cocktail umbrellas or gold plates filled with fern leaves, pineapple horns, Marasino cherries and green peppers.Carve a watermelon into the shape of a whale and fill the cave with melon balls, grapes and fresh berries as an edible thing to show your artistic abilities.Smoked-Glass lanterns or citronella tea lamps increase mood lighting while on-On the beach, you can put peanuts or candy in your hat.Hawaiian culture values fresh, fragrant flowers, so incorporate them into your luau table setting.Typical tropical flowers are orchids, hibiscus, helionia, Bird of Heaven, and Lily.Place a dark flower basket around the table or float loose petals in a glass water bowl.
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