inflatable palm tree How to Throw a Las Vegas Theme Party

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-13

If you and your friends can't travel to Las Vegas, go to Vegas.For a small fee, you can have a style party at home.Use lights, brightly colored fabrics and shiny decorations to recreate the excitement of Sin City.Buffet restaurant-Similar to the dinner style in Las Vegas.You can also choose the Las Vegas hotel and casino theme for your family, such as Caesar Palace or Bellagio.Make a "stand Table" by lining the card table with green felt ".Provide a deck of cards, dice and poker chips for each table.Sprinkle the desktop with flash to increase the desktopthe-Top Las Vegas feel.Decorated with string lights and inflatable plastic palm trees.Blow up the trees and arrange them in different locations throughout the party space.You can also hang white or brightly colored string lights at the door and around the railing.Hang lit-Signs on the wall.The brighter the party space, the more real it feels.Collect boxes of all sizes and paint them white with black to make dice.\ "Place them around the party space, and if the boxes are very strong, guests can use them as a table to place drinks and food.Dinner Buffet-Style, like in many Las Vegas hotels and casinos.Set up a long table with a wide variety of food including shrimp cocktails, main courses and plenty of finger food.A temporary bar has been set up for guests to make drinks available.Choose the famous Las Vegas Hotel and Casino and decorate the party space accordingly.Luxor decorated in Egypt-Party of inspiration, or Bellagio with Italian decoration-Inspire soiree.If you like the Bellagio theme, you can order Italian food and play Frank Sinatra's music.
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