inflatable palm tree How to Make an Artificial Palm Tree

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-13

Palm trees are perfect for everything from beach parties to backyard barbecues and even kids rooms.Unfortunately, many of us do not live in areas where palm trees grow.Even if we did, they were expensive.If you would like to prepare a palm tree for your party or other special event or decor style, please read on and learn how to make your own artificial palm tree, A fraction of the cost of buying a real palm tree.Take a big cardboard tube.You can find them in the carpet shop or in the print shop.Fix the bottom of the tube in a box or jar filled with floral foam or foam.This will be your trunk.Wrap the cardboard tube with brown paper.Fold the paper ahead and give more texture to the tree's "trunk.Double safetysided tape.Make palm leaves.First, bend the wire hanger with pliers until it is completely straight.Cut off hook with wire cutting machine.The straight line should be 40 inch long.Put two paper towels together.Apply a layer of white glue in the middle of the paper, and then place the wire on the glue.Leaving about 4 inch of the wires stretched out to form a stem.Add more glue to the top of the wire, then add two more paper towels.You may also need to stick the sheets together.Leave dry when you make more leaves.Once the front is dry, fold them in half along the wires so you have a rectangular "flag ".Diagonally cut the end of the rectangle so you have the shape of a ladder and the length of the bottom is shorter than the top.Cut the tissue layer onto the wire to form a feather-like leaf strip.Then, shape the front by trimming it.Bend the wire so it has a more natural shape (see the image at the top of the article ).Insert the end of the wire "stem" into the flower foam you put on the top of the cardboard rod.
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