inflatable palm tree How to Decorate for a Gilligan's Island Party

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-13

Make your friends feel like drifters on Gilligan Islandthemed party.To make the party look like the background of this 1960 TV show, change the party space and make the tropical island look like it.Palm trees, coconuts and other beachesRelevant accents will help bring your guests to tropical paradise.Show palm trees around the party area.Use inflatable palm trees or palm trees made of paper.If possible, if you have the chance to use them after the party, consider decorating with real palm trees to create a true tropical look.Large multi-leaf potted plants, including ferns and banana leaves.Set the plants in the floor urn and place them around the space.Hang grass skirts on the edge of the table to make them look tropical.Group coconuts in the center of the table and on other surfaces such as a bar or shelf unit.Hang tropical silk flower wreaths along several pieces of furniture on the back of the chair and wrap them around coconut decorations.Place the tiki torch around the space to make it feel like an island.Cover the ground of the party area with sand.If this is not possible, please include a large sandbox in the area.Blow up and print out photos of TV shows, stranded ships, some characters in SS Minnow and tiki huts.Hang the picture on the wall of the space.If there is no wall, paste the image on the poster board.Stick the stakes to the back of the image and insert the stakes into the ground to support them.
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