inflatable palm tree Enjoy Vacations At GOA - The Ultimate Fun

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-20
inflatable palm tree Enjoy Vacations At GOA - The Ultimate Fun
Goa is a beautiful little place, 65 km wide and 105 km long (3701 square kilometers ).It is the smallest and most beautiful state located on the west coast of India known as Konkan.It is basically divided into two districts: North Goa and South Goa.
Panaji is the capital and the headquarters of the North Goa district and Margao in the Southern District.Margao still shows the influence of Portuguese culture and Catholic tradition.Geographically, it borders Maharashtra on the north, Karnataka on the east and south, and the Arabian Sea forms its West Coast.
The green jungle, beautiful hills, exotic beaches, dramatic cliffs make the place very special.Goa's beach: the 105 km-long Kangkan belt on the West Coast provides Goa with the best beaches in the world.According to the location, the beach is divided into two groups: one is in North Goa and the other is in the South.
Located in Bardez Taluka, it is about 22 km from the capital Panaji.This is a crescent-shaped beach with beautiful white sand beaches and black lava.500-Fort shapora, Portugalyear-The old one is also very attractive.
Anjunanjuna is one of the most famous and spectacular beaches in Goa. It is located between the sea and a hill, and there are some sparkling black rocks protruding into the sea on the mountain.Night-With rhythmic music and the most famous large Wednesday flea market, Anjuna's hippie community has started a long spice party decades ago, where you can buy a variety of hand-madeIs what you will always remember.
Kalangut and bagaboos are recognized as Queens of Goa beach.The nearby Salta, Coconut Grove and golden beaches are the most exotic places.Hotel, shopping center and Internet cafe.Including hills with holiday homes and the Barga River that flows along the sea and further connects the Sea.
Known as Gasper Dias beach, Mira marielier is located near the Mando River and injected into the sea.From the beach, all the luxury hotels and families and Fort Aguada make this place a paradise.The famous defen School of Arts and Sciences and the chief minister's monument to Dayang and Bandar Goa are also located here.
Old Goa is a famous historical town away from beautiful beaches.In fact, it was the capital of Goa at the time of Portugal, but in 1943 the city was abandoned and the capital moved to Panaji.There are some beautiful collections of ancient churches and cathedrals.
The open space between these historic buildings is fantastic and cannot be found in other cities in India.The Cathedral of Jesus Bom contains the holy collection.Francis Xavier is some of the highlights of Old Goa.
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