inflatable mattress Our Adventures with Raccoons While Camping.

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-20
inflatable mattress Our Adventures with Raccoons While Camping.
A state park in Ohio.We were traveling and it was late when we entered the camp.We decided not to use the tent, just to sleep, we were tired.After we unload what we need, we are going to bake some hot dogs for dinner.
Dennis and the kids hung the pump on the inflatable bed pad we used.Around the campfire, our mattresses are also nearby.We lay down and Dennis and the children came out soon.
I lay there looking at the campfire that was about to go out, trying to calm my mind down so I could sleep.See what it is..I 've never seen anyone in the wild, but Dennis told me a couple of experiences he's been through with them and I know they're not dangerous.I watched them explore in our camp and were as curious about these lovely creatures as we were.
I wish Dennis and the kids were also awake looking at them, but Dennis didn't wake up when I pushed him, and I knew if I said something they might run away.One of them walked up to the mattress and looked at it while Dennis was on the mattress.I calmed down and looked at what it would do.
He finally climbed up the mattress and I looked at the expression on his face and almost laughed loudly.I knew it was a man.The gift of the air mattress is a new experience for it.It was on Dennis's face, looking at his face, and suddenly reaching out to touch his nose.
I wish he 'd wake up now.
he 'd like it.
Especially when we were camping, he rarely slept so deep.The racoons finally left, but they left me in awe of being so close to nature.The activities around our camp that night fascinated me with racoons and laughed at their antics.
We moved to Ohio and decided to camp for a few days while looking for rent.We all like camping so there is no difficulty in a week or two.Right on the Indiana border in the small town we want to rent.
We set up tents and awnings.
The children slept in the tent, and Dennis and I slept under the awning.Unless windy or cold.One night we settled down to sleep and talked quietly..We lay there watching them.They are really interesting.One of them found a garbage bag and entered it.
For this, the oldest boy will catch it.
He was told to take it to the bin.
There are some cans of baked beans and pieces on the plate.One of the pots had some beans taken out of the pieces.I was eating beans. I put in his claws and fished them out.It moved next to us and ended up sitting on Dennis's chest.
Then it noticed that Dennis's eyes were open, and it stretched out its claws to him as if it had given him some beans.Suddenly it hit the beans on Dennis's bare chest.I ruined it and started laughing.It's so interesting.The racoons jumped and ran into the woods, making me laugh like loon and Dennis, with baked beans hanging on my chest.
.They are all very interesting.
No more baked beans though.
When I got married to Dennis, I had a dog.He was a 9-Scherty/pooch mix, year old.He is cute, cute, but not smart.under-for 5 years.He didn't get along well with Dennis at first.Bo was jealous of all the attention he didn't get, and Dennis was annoyed by the poor dog's lack of sanity.
The dog was my child so Dennis got used to it at last.He has not kept a pet for several years, so some people are used to it.I have never left at least one so I don't think I can.
In the spring of the next year, we went camping with Bo.He often goes camping with me..We want to move there and find jobs and housing.One morning while I was still sleeping, Dennis got up and walked along the river.
The dog went with him.
He had a dry mouth and went to the river for a drink.When the river bank disappeared from under him, he slipped and fell into the river.It was running fast and Dennis thought I would kill my puppy if he let it drown.
He followed the dog in.
When the dog turned in the river, he finally caught up with the dog and was swept to a still part.He swam towards the dog and the dog panicked because the fish bit his toe.Deep in that place, Dennis couldn't touch the bottom.
He could also feel the fish biting him, but he was not worried.The dog began to climb to avoid the fish that bit him and finally climbed to Dennis's head.Dennis finally grabbed him, pulled him off his head and threw him into the bank.
The poor dog came out of the water and was relieved.He never likes swimming anyway.He doesn't even like to take a bath.Dennis came out of the water a bit difficult because there was a steep river bank by the river, but he managed to climb out.Just as I got up, they went back to camp.I'm not sure who's more upset.The dog just wanted a drink, or my poor husband, who ruined a pair of shoes to chase the dog.
However, he thought it was worth letting me not be angry with him.I really appreciate the comments I got at my center.They help me to see if I'm writing useful, interesting, informative centers.
Please ask and attribute if you would like to use this information.This is a copyrighted work
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