inflatable marquee for sale iWebhr wins Datamatics Financial Services Ltd (DFSL) & SafeGuard World International (SGWI) ‘Best HR Technology Service Provider of the Year’ award

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-21
inflatable marquee for sale iWebhr wins Datamatics Financial Services Ltd (DFSL) & SafeGuard World International (SGWI) ‘Best HR Technology Service Provider of the Year’ award
MUMBAI, India-DFSL, a global business process management (BPM) provider, and SGWI, a global payroll service provider, jointly created the cloud smart global human resources solution, iWebhr, on the 15 th of Vivo-2.At 2017 World Conference on Human Resources, world-class technology received an award.The product is designed to support global employee management needs through global management payroll (GMP), global employment outsourcing (GEO), and cloud HCM.
This one-Globally, 100% of complaints can provide one-stop solutions.Scalable and flexible payroll management solutions integrate, centralize and deliver a decentralized experience for each region.While DFSL has a strong foothold in the Asian market, SGWI is the Western world leader in providing salary solutions.
This alliance enables global organizations to access the smart cloudTechnology-based to meet the growing human resources needs of the world.Satish Kumar, chief sales officer of DFSL, said in receiving the award, "Over the years, we have continuously invested in streamlined, accessible and usable technologies.This is the right direction for our payroll services.
More than 30 years of strong regional layout and field experience in the Asian market have driven this initiative.Our collaboration with SGWI will help organizations in Asian and Western markets mitigate legal risks by integrating iWebhr, a single technology that is integrated into each country."We have found a huge opportunity in the Asian market and are looking for a partner to provide'National paid solutions.
Our strategic alliance with DFSL is only one step towards becoming a major provider of payroll and employment outsourcing worldwide.Tony Lloyd, senior vice president of business development at SGWI Asia Pacific, said.The World Conference on Human Resources Development recognizes every year the breakthrough technologies and strategies that have an impact on the field of human resources.
All nominations have been thoroughly screened by the Academic Committee and the Professional Committee before the jury rounds and live presentations.After a rigorous six-stage process, the jury selected the finalists to obtain the final ranking.After detailed discussion and analysis, the winners were selected.
Datamatics financial services.
Is a global business process management (BPM) solution provider with over 35 years of experience.We offer world-Customer acquisition and retention solutions for greater market share, database management and analysis solutions with smart data tags, payroll for integrating payroll processes, and cloud HCM, provide research and intelligent services for expenditure management and analysis, as well as multi-department strategic decision-making, financial and accounting solutionsChannel customer interaction to increase customer satisfaction.We provide customized solutions to our customers through authorized personnel, innovative technology and superior processes.
Our solutions enable businesses to increase sales ROI, obtain qualified MQL & SQL, identify smart databases that drive revenue, handle accurate payroll with 100% compliance, strengthen financial control with a growth-driven strategy, increase customer engagement, and truly customer-centric..These are enabled through the process.Agile and scalable operations, improved business economics and unique competitive advantages.www.datamaticsbpo..Forwarding of dataAll rights reserved
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