inflatable Launceston Surf Life Saving Club rescue boat motor stolen

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-16
inflatable Launceston Surf Life Saving Club rescue boat motor stolen
The chairman of Launceston surf life-saving club said after a difficult year of rescue that he was "disappointed"xa0To learn about thieves stealing a motor from one of their inflatable rescue boats.Jeff Lyon said that after record flooding this year, the club's equipment had suffered significant damage and had recently been busy with some rescue efforts at Longford last weekend.The stolen car came from IRB, who helped police rescue Langford, involving four kayaks trapped in the floods of the South Esk River.
During the rescue, the tail lights on the IRB trailer were damaged.Then, when the IRB was in a repair shop in Legana, the car was stolen."It's just disappointing," Lyon said .""We are on standby and waiting for police and rescue at sea, so we always try to get a ship ready for an emergency.
"We would rather raise money for new equipment than replace old equipment.Lyon said this year was a "terrible year" for the organization "."It's just been busy all the time.The sheds have been underwater since about 5 days due to flooding, "he said.
The boat is one of three.
xa0The value of clubs and cars is about $4500.Lyon said it was unlikely they would get a new car by January."We're still talking to the insurance company, and it's just a hassle.
Anyonexa0For information about the black Mercury 25 IRB motor with stainless steel pillars and guards, please contact Tasmania police at 131 444
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