inflatable kayak Types of inflatable kayaks for tourism

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-08
inflatable kayak Types of inflatable kayaks for tourism
Tourist kayaks can be classified for various reasons.-This is the biggest.For more people, it's better to look at another ship, or split the company into compact crew members and take a few kayaks while drifting.After all, the main advantages of these ships are speed and operability, where they are significantly superior to catamaran and raft.
Another reason for classification is design features.They are a single equilibrium model.The building is made of reinforced PVC.In a fully inflatable kayak, rigidity and stability are set by the wellInflate the cylinder on the side and bottom of the ship.But the volume cylinder reduces the available space inside.
Sitting tight and not enough luggage space for big men means you won't go muchday trip.Two-Layer structure.These kayaks are made up of shells and plugsInside the inner tubeThere is a model like this.Defined nose and keel.The boat became more stable on the waves, firmly grasped the route, and the inflatable side prevented the capsizing.
.Inflatable frame.
Strengthen the strength with metal elements.Some manufacturers have placed two rows of cylinders, and the volume of the cylinders has become smaller.Like Vega-3 from the St.St. Petersburg company timekeepingOn the rapids and raging rivers, inflatable paddle boats show themselves well and they are easy to get around the obstacles, manipulate, and bypass the stones smoothly.
The Beaver Dam is a good inflatable boat on a river with piles and low bridges.They are a bit heavy and it is easy to wrap the obstacles around with them.Each species has its advantages and disadvantages.
When choosing, consider the use of the ship, the convenience of the seat, the number of luggage compartments, and the total weight of the ship. these are all worth considering.If you drive to the river, the weight of the model does not matter to you;For two adults and one child, or even two children, Khatanga-3 frame-The inflatable model is suitable.She weighs 23 kilograms.When you go hiking, the weight per 100g is important to you.
Two tourists here, two.
The layered Taiga 340 is recommended, weighing 7 kg, and is placed in a backpack as two sleeping bags.If you are spoiled by civilization, you can't lift the canoe and have a look at Nitwit mono-balloon model.Prepare for low Kayak swimming-Use a pressure pump with a removable airbag.
The kayak is independent and full of air.
Please note that a special repair kit is required to repair the vessel.It includes PVC patch, rubber glue, grease remover, spare valve.Additional accessories are required for hiking.
Oars, one-A piece or foldable apron or skirt that protects paddlers from splashing and rain, pumps, a set of ropes.The thick rope is used as chalk, and the thin hemp rope is used to fix things.This is an important rule: everything should be fixed on the body, they will not joke with the river, just a fallen tree can cause a lot of trouble.
As a result, the inflatable kayak had a fierce race against the Thai gate.Many visitors remember how difficult it is to collect a broken or accidentally damaged kayak skeleton.Yes, it can also be called a half-to-twice-inflated model.
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