inflatable kayak Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak Review

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-15
inflatable kayak Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Inflatable Kayak Review
Seahawks have long been very popular in the inflatable kayak market.Their Explorer inflatable kayaks and sport inflatable kayaks are well known all over the world.Just this year (2010), they launched a brand new and more stylish model that could attract a variety of avid kayak enthusiasts.
Sea Eagle FastTrack is a faster, lighter-weight inflatable kayak that handles most types of water, including lake, ocean and river kayaking (up to Level III ).Below, I compare it to Sea Hawk's Explorer Kayak and point out the pros and cons of this new popular model.Since I first started looking for inflatable kayaks a few years ago, my inflatable kayaks StoryI has been a fan of Seahawks inflatable boats.
Most of my life I have been sliding, and I used to use stiff objects --shell kayak.I chose to buy an inflatable kayak for convenience.I want a kayak that I can easily store in a closet, transport in the trunk of my car and on a plane, and can carry on my own.
An inflatable kayak meets the requirements.After a lot of research, I ended up buying the Seahawks avix Explorer Kayak.I am very satisfied and satisfied with it, and have used many, many hours of paddle fun .
..... Including some travel.
What makes FastTrack like my Explorer Kayak so much, but I hope there are two different things about it.First of all, I want it to be lighter.It weighs 47 lbs.This is not bad for tandem kayaks, but it would be much easier to travel if it was lighter.The second thing I hope is different is speed.
Again, it's not bad, but it's famous for not being the fastest kayak in the water.Knowing these two drawbacks of my own inflatable kayak, I can't help but enjoy the new Seahawks fast track.With this inflatable kayak they grabbed all the positive features of the Explorer Kayak and added: a new design for better speed and tracking, as well as a new material that is super strong but lighter in weight.
Sea eagle fast size problem compared to sea eagle Explorer kayakthe FastTrack.It has the same length and is 1 inch smaller in width.It also has the same weight (750 ).).The main advantage of FastTrack, however, is that it is 12 pounds lighter in weight than the Xperia X.
This makes a big difference, which will make the kayak to and from the water and also make it easier to travel by plane.The fact that the weight of this tandem inflatable kayak is so small is awesome, which also means that if a person wants to use the kayak alone, it is no problem for them to carry the kayak themselves.As far as the design is concerned, you can judge its shape by looking at the fast track slightly different from the Explorer Kayak.
This new shape allows for a better speed for three reasons: it has a drip needle on the outside of the keel of the bow, providing buoyancy, helping to stop the natural swing of the inflatable kayak.There is a detachable rear ske that helps to keep the straight line tracking of the kayak.It is equipped with a separate very rigid drip seam floor, which increases the overall rigidity of the kayak and creates side seams under the floating bridge, thus improving the overall paddle performance.
Seahawks actually say the floor of the new fast track is very hard and can even be used as a standChopping board.This is quite impressive.The pros and cons of Seahawks FastTrack pro Seahawks FastTrack: able to reach a higher speed than any other Seahawks inflatable kayak, very high load capacity, providing very comfortable space for two people-for tandem inflatable kayaks, can also paddle very lightlyBailingversatile-can handle most types of water including lakes, oceans and rivers (to Level III), good tracking of good storage space for rigid floors, included under the spray skirt and rope there is only one size option at this time, while the Explorer Kayak has three different size options.The conclusion about the sea eagle fast track I think there is no doubt as to why the Sea Eagle 385 fast track quickly became the favorite inflatable kayak for many people.
Even though I love my Xperia X Explorer kayak, if I have a choice today, I will choose the fast track instead of my currant model.In fact, this kayak is lighter in weight, faster in speed and sturdy in structure, and it seems to me that this inflatable kayak is also one of the best on the Seahawks website and most likely one of the best on the market.I think if you compare yourself, you might agree that FastTrack offers more positives and features than many other inflatable kayaks on the market.
One thing for sure is that there are a lot of inflatable kayak brands to choose from.I recommend comparing yourself so you can decide which features in kayak are the most important for you.Learn more about Seahawks inflatable kayak visitwww.
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