inflatable kayak How to Buy The Best Inflatable Kayak

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-24
inflatable kayak How to Buy The Best Inflatable Kayak
Summer is coming and more people are considering going to the lake or the seaside to enjoy some paddle sports and overcome the heat of summer.Kayaking is very popular and most beginners buy a high quality inflatable kayak for water entertainment.They are nice and durable, but not everyone knows how to choose the best inflatable kayaks.
Please continue to read the advantages and durability of inflatable kayaks to find out why they are good and how to buy the most suitable ones.Just like buying other products, you get what you pay.But sometimes, as consumers, we can't help but wonder if I was cheated in this deal.
If you know where your money is spent, you won't have that worry.The cost of inflatable kayaks varies greatly due to various designs and sizes, so you may want to make a budget based on your purpose.For entertainment, you can buy a good quality inflatable kayak for $500 or less, but for whitewater rapids and other harder water sports, you need to buy a very durable one for $1000.
Keep in mind that hard shell kayaks are always more expensive than inflatable kayaks for similar purposes.Durability is one of the most important considerations when buying inflatable kayaks.Usually, it is considered that inflatable kayaks are not as strong as hard-shell kayaks.
But you can buy an inflatable kayak that is as durable as a hard shell as long as you don't cut your budget.If you buy an inflatable kayak worth $100, you 'd better stay away from anything sharp.A $1000 inflatable kayak can withstand sharp rocks, knives, fish hooks and even occasional crocodiles like a hard-shell boat.
When it comes to durability, we have to talk about materials.Inflatable kayaks and other boats are usually made of PVC, Hypalon or Nitrylon.PVC is cheaper and is usually used for casual kayaks, Hypalon is the most expensive and this material kayaks can be used for whitewater rapids.
FYI, you can choose wood, plastic, composite materials such as Fangfang or graphite, or polyethylene wrapped in a hard shell kayak, graphite is the best in terms of durability, but also the most expensiveLet's take a look at the comparison of three different inflatable materials.It is usually the outer layer of a fabric (nylon or polyester) coated with PVC or DuPont's Hypalon or a new rigid material called Nitrylon.There is an expanded outer layer around it, or it can be a multi-layer fabric that is tightly bonded together.
This description can help you understand the performance of the inflatable fabric more easily.PVC coated nylon is the most commonly used inflatable boat material for manufacturers.Most people buy inflatable boats for entertainment purposes, and this material is an excellent but cheap entry-level model for Leisure inflatable boats.
With proper maintenance, it can last for many years and is perfect for paddling beginners.Advantages: cheap price, high durability, very lightweight after decades of testing, easy to patch, available in multiple colors.Disadvantages: no chemical and UV resistance.
Before entering the sun, you need to process the material with an anti-UV spray (303 protective agent) to extend its life.Hypalon is considered a better alternative to PVC and is widely used in inflatable boats and roof solutions.A rubber produced by DuPont.Compared to PVC kayaks, Hypalon inflatable kayaks are more durable and flexible in the water.
But also more expensive.
Advantages: excellent chemical resistance, UV and mildew resistance, good thermal expansion, softer, lighter than PVC, easy to repair and used by the US Coast Guard.Cons: Basically, it costs twice as much as PVC, as opposed to the rigidity of some types of PVC, so this may not be the best option in white water scenarios.Nitrylon is a new material in the inflatable boat industry and is touted as more resistant to wear, puncture and chemical corrosion than PVC.
Claims better environmental performance than PVC material.Advantages: Harder than PVC, with anti-puncture function, easier to repair in extreme weather conditions, better performance.Cons: heavier and more expensive, few manufacturers use it.
From the material point of view, if you are not going to use inflatable kayaks in professional or competitive sporting events, affordable PVC inflatable kayaks are basically ideal for all water sports.Other factors you need to consider when buying inflatable kayaks are your personal preferences.For example, how big do you like inflatable kayaks?Do you like boating alone or with friends?What type of water do you want to draw most?What kind of seats do you like and which way do you like to get in and out?When you know your exact needs, you can see the difference between different models so you can choose the best inflatable kayak for your water entertainment.
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