inflatable jousting for sale Is There a Place for Honor in the Twenty-First Century?

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-05-31
inflatable jousting for sale Is There a Place for Honor in the Twenty-First Century?
What images do you think of when you imagine honor?The medieval knights compete for the hands of the maiden?Sir Walter Rowley put his gorgeous cloak on the muddy street so that his lady's feet would not get dirty?The soldiers rode to fight in order to defend the "honor" of their country?The job definition of honor is, "respect or respect that has been acquired.\ "Meditate for a moment.It will be very special to win respect and respect from family, friends and colleagues.Workers, our community, isn't it?If there is, it is more to pay tribute to yourself.
Successful and happy people can earn their own money.self-.Respect yourself is much more than having yourself.self-.However, because the concept of honor is very uncommon today, I often go back to the term "self" in daily conversationsself-"When I simply describe the special qualities that define the meaning of our lives.
Honor means not only respect, but also a noble feeling.If I respect myself, of course I respect myself and cherish my life, but there is more.When I salute myself, I have confidence in my existence, and I am gentle with myself.
I have nothing to prove to anyone or myself.There is no doubt about my value.Unfortunately, it is possible to confuse honor with selfimportance -It is "proud" in the biblical sense ".Self is "shadow "-the dark side -of Self-Honor.
Human virtues may not have a shadow side.
The shadow of generosity is interference.
The shadow of calm is complacency.
Never reduce the value of a quality or emotion because of the negative effects of the excess of this virtue.If you doubt your virtueHonor, remember what the flight attendant said, "put on your own oxygen mask first.\ "If you don't take care of your needs first, you're useless to anyone else --This includes your own emotions and your body.
Your friends and your community are the role models you set and they lead great lives and inspire people around you to follow your example.Respect Yourself, respect yourself, value your goals, your life --Work, your presence, is a prerequisite for many other aspects of life.matters.For the sake of your life, you must believe that your life is valuable.
Before your choices are valuable, you must feel that you are valuable.Before you dream a great dream for your future, you must believe that your future is important.Before you start living the Japanese proverb "fall seven times, stand up eight times", you have to believe that your life is important.
You must respect it before you celebrate your life.Moreover, before you can feel the unity and honor with the spirit and all creation, you must honor yourself and make yourself feel worthy of such unity.It's great to feel your goals, your values, your confidence and selfrespect -That's your self.
But how to realize yourselfHonor?The path to self has two parallel and simultaneous paths.Honor, Faith and Action...Action: even if you don't feel yourself completely yetHonor, live your life like you.It's kind of like the smile Thich Nhat Hanh says, "Sometimes your happiness is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your happiness.
\ "Live as a person with a selfHonor brings selfBe an honor.Forgive me, just like you have yourself.Honor of total forgiveness.For all life, like selfHonor gives you the meaning of life.Design Your Life and persevere in making design your ownHonor gives you the meaning of life.
Self-Honor is the axis of great life.
It defines goals and provides structures for other pillars of meaningful life
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