inflatable How to Store Inflatable Pool Floats

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-02
An inflatable pool floats to allow you to rest in the pool without worrying about drowning or putting your head on the water.When the pool season is over, the inflatable float must be properly stored for re-use when the pool is reopened.The float can be inflated, deflated or placed in a bag for safekeeping.
Supplies that help store floats can be purchased from pool/spa stores or home and garden shops.Remove the lid from the inflatable pool float valve tube.When you blow into the tube to inflate, squeeze the side of the valve;Plug in electric hose-Electric portable recharge pump, if it is difficult to do this with breathing, use it to blow the float.
Put the inflatable floats in the corner of the pool shed.Cover the float with a plastic waterproof cloth.Check the floats in a few days;If the float deflates, there is a leak that must be fixed before the start of the pool season.
Remove the lid from the valve tube of the inflatable pool float.Squeeze the side of the valve to release the air in the pipe.Continue to squeeze the side of the valve until all air leaves the float;If there is more than one valve tube on the float, follow these steps.
Place the float on a horizontal plane;For example, the deck of the swimming pool.Press the float with your hand and drain any air that is still inside.Close the cover on the valve pipe of the pool.
Place the deflated floats in the corner of the deck or pool shed until it is time to inflate them.Remove the lid from the inflatable pool float valve.Press on the float to force the air out.Continue to push the float until all the air is pushed out and the float limps.
Put the float on the pool deck.
Scroll one end of the float to the other.
Put the floats in a plastic blanket bag.
Put the zipper of the bag awayStore the floats in the pool shed or in the basement of the home until the pool season comes again
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