inflatable How to Repair Holiday Inflatables

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-01
The disadvantage of inflatable toys is that they are easy to leak, puncture or tear, causing them to be unusable.Many holiday inflatable toys can be patched with tape or vinyl repair kits instead of discarding your favorite holiday inflatable toys.The exact repair method depends on the extent of the damage and the location of the tear.
If outdoors, turn on the inflator and inflate with a fan motor.Walk around the display and find the source of the leak.If you can't find it, during the non-inflatable period, when the fan is turned on, raise a piece of paper near the inflatablewindy day;The paper should be moved near the leak.
Place a masking tape near the hole to mark the spots.Turn off the fan and let the air escape the inflation.Remove the masking tape.Use household cleaners and paper towels to clean holes or tear the surrounding area.
Let it dry completely.
Cut a piece of vinyl from the vinyl repair kit and cover each direction of the hole with an inch or so of spare material.If the color of vinyl in the kit is very different from the inflatable color of the damaged location, please purchase transparent vinyl from the craft store or color matching the inflatable color, cut by size.Apply the adhesive in the vinyl repair bag to the perimeter of the vinyl piece, fix it on the inflatable of the damaged part and smooth it in place.
Allows it to be set up as long as the kit manufacturer recommends, as this may vary depending on the brand.Repair the tear in nylon material with needle and thread.Cut a thread into a length three times longer than the length of the nylon tear.
Thread the needle and tie the end of the line together to form a ring.Pinch the area on both sides of the nylon tear together, then stitch the torn sides at one end of the damage.Pull the wire until the knot reaches nylon, then loop your hand back to where you started, pass the needle through nylon, about half an inch from the first shot, and again through nylon on both sides of the hole.
Continue to cycle over the extruded nylon and stitch it until the entire damaged area is stitched off.Knot the thread near the end of the repair and cut off the excess thread
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