inflatable How to Print on Latex Rubber

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-02
LaTeX is a special material commonly used in making inflatable balloons.Due to the elasticity of latex, printing must be carried out with stretched latex to prevent bunching during printing.Rubber stamps or screen printing can be used for printing on latex.
Doing this process at home allows you to customize latex rubber balloons and other items.Prepare your screen or rubber stamp.The silk screen is made of a photo emulsion, using transparency to block the brighter part of the screen, while opening the darker part so that the paint can pass through.Prepare your rubber stamp by cutting off the stamp section you don't want to ink.
Rubber Stamps can also be ordered from professional stampsCut the company.Stretch or expand the latex to 75 to 80% of its potential size.Assemble the stretcher stick and then nail or nail the latex to the side of the stretcher stick.
If you print on a latex rubber balloon, inflate the balloon with your breath to a slightly smaller size than you want.Seal it up with a rubber band.Apply a uniform layer of latex paint to screen printing or stamps with a brush or roller.Place the screen printing on the surface of the milk rubber roller and use the scraper to pull the paint down the length of the image.
If you are using a rubber stamp, simply apply the stamp to the surface of the latex rubber and press it evenly on the edge so that the ink is transferred to the latex.Let the ink dry, cut the latex off the stretcher strip, or remove the rubber band to deflate the rubber latex balloon
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