inflatable Homemade Floating Lounge Chair

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-05-02
Without a comfortable floating recliner to soak up the sun, the fun day in the pool is incomplete, especially one with an additional cup holder.Instead of buying an inflatable pool chair, do it yourself with a yoga mat and pool noodles, then kick back with your favorite drink and enjoy a relaxing day on the water.If you don't have a plastic cord, the normal cord will also work, but the chemicals in the pool water may weaken it over time.
Roll out the yoga mat to measure the width of the mat.Using a box-Cut the edge of the pool into two pieces, equal to the width of the mat.These two noodles are used for headrest.Be careful when using the box-cutter.Put one of the noodles you just cut at the end of the mat and roll the mat around the noodles.
Place the second noodle in front of the packaged noodle and roll the mat around the second one so both noodles roll onto the mat.Place the box cutter in the hollow center of the first pool noodle, about 2 inch from the edge of the mat.Press the box cutter to form a hole in the pool noodles and yoga mat.
Tie the cable through the holes in the pool noodles and mats, tighten the cable tie and secure the pool noodles and mats in place.Repeat the process at each end of the pool surface, fixing all four ends of the noodles on the mat.When you're done, trim the extra cable tie belt with scissors.
Turn over the yoga mat and lay two pool faces along each side of the yoga mat, just under the headrest.Use the box cutter to poke five holes on each side of the mat along the inside of the pool surface.These holes will be used to secure the noodles on the mat.
There will be extra pool noodles at the end of the mat, but don't cut it off ---You will create 1 feet rest using it.Around the pool noodles, pass through the holes on the mat, tie a cable tie, and fix the noodles on the mat.Connect the rest of the pool noodles to the mat with a cable tie at each hole you create.
Repeat it with the pool face on the other side of the mat.When you finish eating, both pool noodles should be tightly tied to the side of the yoga mat.Trim the extra cable tie after the noodles are connected.
Measure the distance between the two extra pool faces that stretch out at the end of the mat and note the measurement results.Use the box-Cut two pieces of noodles equal to the distance you just measured.Put one end of the plastic rope through the two pool faces you just cut.
Tie the ends of the rope together by tying them to a tight knot.Cut off the extra rope with scissors.The two sides of the pool became feet to rest.By sliding the cable tie between the two footrest boards, fix the footrest on the extra pool surface hung at the end of the mat and tighten it at the end of the mat.
Connect the sides of the foot rest with a cable tie and trim the excess cable tie to prevent them from poking at someone during use.Cut two sides of the pool in half with a boxCutter, give you four in total.Tie the plastic rope through two pieces of noodles tightly together.
Tie the other two noodles together with a plastic rope to create two handrails for the chair.Trim the extra plastic rope after tying.Cut a 4-With the box cutter inch block pool noodles.Place the pool noodles upright and place your favorite summer drinks on the noodles.
Use a pen to track the outline of the beverage bottle on the pool surface.Use the box-Use the lines you draw as a guide to cut out the center of the pool noodles.Cut the center three times.Down the length of the cup holder for several quarters, the bottom is intact.
Place the cup holder in the center of the armrest, about three-For several quarters down from the headrest, track the outline of the cup holder with a pen.Using the box-Cutter, cut the circle you just drew on the armrest and place the cup holder inside.The hole in the cup holder only needs about 3 inch deep.
The cup holder should be attached to the center of the armrest.Flip the recliner to bring the bottom up.Place the handrails next to the pool noodles used to make the chair frame.Slide a cable between the two noodles on the armrest and around the noodles on the side of the yoga mat.
Tie the cable around the noodles near the headrest.Place a second cable tie around the noodles towards the other end of the armrest.Repeat with the second armrest opposite.Because the chair is flipped, be sure to reverse the armrest with the cup holder so that it will be up when you flip the chair.
Place the recliner in the water with the noodles down and don't forget to put your favorite drink in the cup holder.The recliner will not leave you completely dry, but it will keep you afloat while enjoying a lazy day on the water
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