inflatable guitars Rock N Roll Party Theme For Your Rockin' Wedding

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-03
inflatable guitars Rock N Roll Party Theme For Your Rockin\' Wedding
Choose a unique theme for your wedding, quince, Sweet Sixteen, bridal shower or any other event.This article will provide you with the idea of a great rock party or wedding.Enjoy.Are you the kind of person who likes rock, fall and dirty?Is the white wedding not for you?Why not run with what you like!This is your wedding.
do what you want.
That's what 24-year-old Shirley did.
Shirley is a rock girl along the way.
She hates dressing up, and she hates wearing a fluffy white dress.Shirley is an attitude girl who wants to bring this to her wedding.The 25-year-old Greg, who is about to become her husband, is also a rock singer, and she loves the idea of adding a rock theme to their wedding.
Step 1, wedding invitation, let me say their method is the most original, guitar pick!Shirley and Greg decided "a better way to personalize guitar choices than with guest names and wedding details (shorthand of course ".What options do they have for wedding arrangements?Well, Greg and Shirley decided that they wanted to stay as far away from the routine as possible and rented one in the bar where the local band performed.They know the bar because they are also regulars.
The local band continued to play at their wedding.The table at the bar was used, and the stool at the bar itself was perfect for guests who wanted something interesting to drink (champagne was not the couple's choice ).Greg was a fan of poker at the wedding, so a pack of playing cards was perfect.
Shirley stumbled upon candles in the shape of some cards (heart shape, shovel, club and diamond) and also used them.Shirley wanted to get a little bit of courage at the wedding of her choice, so she provided the guest with an inflatable guitar, saxophone and microphone.Not only can guests watch the band perform, they can now pretend to be part of the band.
Square plates with black and white themes decorate the table for dinner.The buffet dinner was perfect as elegance was not what our couple wanted --They know they want leisure and entertainment.While continuing to rock the local band, the guests also provided themselves with a steady stream of burgers, chicken, french fries, etc.
But the best has not yet arrived.
Cake was the best idea of the whole wedding.A local baker designed a cake in the shape of Les Paul's guitar.It's almost too realistic to eat!However, guests can enjoy a piece of music and enjoy the whole theme.
So, scratch or the wedding is coming?This theme is not only perfect for weddings, but can also be used for unique sweet sixteen years (alcohol not included of course) or any celebrations.If elegance and fancy don't work for you, you can always take the advice of our couple and "Rock It Up!
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