inflatable goal post Winds top 117km/h at Mount Hotham as wild weather batters Melbourne

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-05-28
inflatable goal post Winds top 117km/h at Mount Hotham as wild weather batters Melbourne
The worst storm that hit Melbourne has ended as the storm destroyed the house, the plane stopped flying and rushed into the Alpine area at a speed of 117 km/h.After midnight on Sunday, the wind reached the highest speed of Mount Hotham, the strongest storm since last October, moving east.But Michael Evron, a senior forecasters at the weather bureau, said the weather was expected to be much more moderate on Sunday.
"We will see much lighter winds across the state," he said ."He said a dry morning is expected in the city, with several showers in the afternoon.All Victoria have canceled bad weather warnings.
Susan Davie, a spokesman for SES, said the volunteers solved it.Try to be as fast as possible."When the wind strikes, our crew is outside," she said ."."There are still a few jobs to follow up this morning, but only about a dozen.
The strong gusts arrived on Saturday morning and lasted until the evening, and the SES staff responded to 1000 calls, mainly damaged buildings and fallen trees.The worst-The affected areas are in the northern suburbs, such as Broadmeadows and Sunbury.Thousands of households have been cut off, including 400 in downtown Melbourne.
The city is 700 kilometers east of Victoria and more than 1000 kilometers west of the suburbs, including Werribee and woolpers.A little boy from Woorarra East was hit by a knocked down cabin and after being hit by the wind he was taken to the Royal Children's Hospital in serious but stable condition with head and leg injuriesThe Hillsville reserve was closed for fear that wildlife might be injured, while the Caulfield race was abandoned in the afternoon, including a good one.A football match in Newport was also canceled because the wind blew a goal before the match.
game warm up.
We have to call it a draw.
"The ball will not reach the other end," said Phil Luger, secretary of West Football Club .".At the same time, some international flights cannot refuel due to strong winds.The combined flight from Los Angeles was transferred to Sydney as Melbourne Airport recorded gusts of up to 109 km/h.
The weather bureau said northerly winds were caused by a very deep low-pressure system from tazhou.The weather system also showed Mildura reaching level 27.Saturday 1 degree-This is the hottest July since its own record.
Mr Efron said that the warm air had been running for several days before a hot northern weather pushed north Victoria in central Australia, an unusual event in winter.The maximum temperature in Mildura is also equivalent to the highest temperature in the state.The time record for July was last on 1975.
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