inflatable games for rent Halloween Games for Church Parties

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-11

For thousands of years, mankind has been celebrating the harvest.The ancient Israelites liked the Sukkot of the seven.There are feasts, games, sporting events and festivals of joy.Even on Halloween, the church Halloween party can provide a happy and rich environment for members.The temple of God, the church, is a spiritual sanctuary;A place full of joy, worship and shelter.Make your harvest or Halloween event a positive and fun one;Horror and haunted house-In the House of God, the type of activity does not seem appropriate.Choose a colorful theme of happiness.Autumn is a beautiful season, so let the beauty of nature enhance your party.Create a welcoming entrance to greet guests in a warm and friendly manner.Decorate a fence with autumn leaves or wreaths, smiling scarecrow, lots of pumpkins and baskets to create a happy, idyllic mood.Explore alternative party themes such as alien adventures if neededAutumn, Magic Castle or forest in the USA, candy shop, Country Fair, "Halloween is here, dog", enter the pumpkin field, or "Wizard of Oz"Easy booth-to-Make party games with event theme;Simple dinner, friendly and hospitable.Provide simple dinners such as hot dogs, French fries and a beer hop cart, or invite church members to bring chili peppers to the chefThe game is over.Disposable tableware makes cleaning easy.Arrange for the chef of the congregation to make pumpkin pie cakes, caramel apples or homemade donuts for dessert.The Halloween party invites the inner children to play.Members of the church are invited to dress up for the occasion and hold a costume parade so that everyone can appreciate the creativity of the participants.Set up a face-A booth for art youth groups to show their art.A lot of simple-to-put-Games like candy cans guessing games, bean bags throwing, cake walking, miniBasketball shooting, diaoyuting, pumpkin golf, donuts on a string, apples for a penny, lollipops, candyGuessing games and decorating cookies.Ask the children in their teens and their teachers to set up the stalls.Let the family donate a bag of candy and small toys as prizes.Rent a commercial bounce house if you really want the party to soar;Be sure to post the rules: no sword, no shoes, no push sho.If a full-Scale carnival is not in line with your plan and explore other alternatives such as luggageor-Where the members of the church decorate the car in the parking lot;Kids go prankor-From one car to the other.Host a simple decoration such as the banner and pumpkin barn dance.Serving cider and donuts.Ask a few teenagers to entertain young children with games, color pages and activities.
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