inflatable games for adults List of Indoor Party Games for Adults

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-10

It would be fun to plan a party for adults;However, finding a game that makes everyone happy can be tricky.Play indoor games to keep guests from getting bored.For any new guest who doesn't know each other, these games will also break the ice.Play these indoor games at the next adult party.This game only requires pen, paper and film knowledge.Make a list of five actors and five actresses before the party starts.Give each player a piece of paper and a pen.Set a time limit for each actor, such as a minute.The host will name an actor and the guests will have a minute to write down as many movies as he has ever played.The actress did the same.At the end of the game, each adult gets a score for each correct answer.Adults with the most points won the game.Divide the players into two teams and mark the starting line.The starting line should be about 20 feet away from the balloon pile.Inflate two bags of balloons of different colors, one color for each group.Each player should have a balloon.When the host says "go", the first two players (one in each team) will run to the balloon stack, grab the color of his team suit and pop the balloon, foot or bottom with their hands.Once he pops up the balloon, he will run back to his team and tag the next person in line.She will run to the balloon stack, pop up her team color balloon and tag the next person in line until all team balloons pop up.The first team to pop all the balloons won the game.You need a bag of cotton balls, a spoon, an eye mask, a small bowl and a large bowl for this game.Each player tries to cover his eyes with a spoon, scooping from bowl to bowl.Blindfolded the first player and put him in a chair.Put a small bowl of cotton balls on his lap and a large empty bowl on his head, which he can hold or hold.The purpose of this game is for each player to try to scoop as many cotton balls as possible into a large bowl with a spoon.Players will be blindfolded and cannot feel cotton balls with their hands.Set a one-minute time limit for each player and transfer the most cotton balls to the big bowl to win the game.
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