inflatable games for adults Adult Halloween Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-10

If you host a Halloween party for adults rather than children, but still want to organize a lively treasure hunt for guests, make a list of interesting and challenging items.Choose a treasure hunt theme that requires your friends and family to discover seasonal objects in an engaging way.Having guests test their photography skills through a Halloween treasure hunt requires the team to take seasonal images on a digital camera.If possible, please bring a digital camera with you to make sure that each team has a digital camera.Give each group a list of HalloweenShoot nearby themed items such as carved pumpkins, Halloween lawn signs, inflatable ghosts or team members posing as monsters.Give awards to the team that first comes back with all the required images on the camera.Organize an adult treasure hunt that requires guests to drive.Split the group into groups and give each group a list of driving leads to them before HalloweenThemed locations such as pumpkin patches, restaurants with pumpkin pancake ads, or houses decorated for holidays.Start the car in the same direction with a series of clues, such as \ "turn left at the arch, go straight, turn right at the number equal to 18 "if you want the team to turn left with McDonald's in the corner, go straight, at 7-11.Award prizes to the first team that correctly tracks your driving clues and uncover and write down all five locations for Halloween.Create a simple treasure hunt that allows guests to search for seasonal items in your home.Each guest is provided with a clipboard, pencil and a list of items you hide in a variety of rooms, such as a plastic Dracula statue, an orange candle, a man-made spider web, a can of corn candy or a pumpkin sticker.Ask guests to search for items in the house and write down the exact location next to each item on the list.First award prizes for guests who find all items.Design a treasure hunt idea that requires guests to find HalloweenRelated items in the wallet or wallet.Divide the group into groups.Bring up items like a piece of paper with orange and a business card with Halloween --Subject words, a photo of someone wearing a black dress, red lipstick, or a piece of clothing jewelry.Give the first team a little time to make each item and award the team with the most points at the end of the game.
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