inflatable fun for adults How to Make a California Raisin Costume With a Trash Bag

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-18

California raisins are the post-80 s pop culture created for the California Raisins advisory committee to promote raisins.Dressing up like California Raisins is ideal for post-80 themed parties, but can even be fun on Halloween.There is no need for any craft skills to make California raisins clothing with garbage bags.In fact, with some accessories you will get the remodel in a few minutes.Wear dark clothes such as black tights or slim trousers, with a black high-collar shirt or long-sleeved shirt.Put your garbage bag in front of you.Cut a hole large enough with scissors to make your face about 2 inch under the bottom seam.Cut two holes--There is one on each side of the garbage bag to get your arm out.Put the garbage bag on your head.Stick your face in the hole in your head and stick your arm out of the hole in your arm.To make your raisin outfit look fuller, knead the newspaper in a ball and put it in a garbage bag.Seal the garbage bag to the bottom so the newspaper does not fall out.Nail the edge around your leg.Leave enough space around the leg hole so you can move freely.Match your outfit with white gloves, white sneakers and neon sunglasses.Hold a microphone or other instrument, such as a tambourine or an inflatable guitar.
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