inflatable football player Traumatic Brain Injuries - New Research

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-24
inflatable football player Traumatic Brain Injuries - New Research
A lot of research is currently under way to try to prevent head injuries to our troops, football players, hockey players, skiers and motorcycle enthusiasts, just to name a few.And 14 facial bones.In addition, there is a layer of tissue between the skin and the bone, called the mucosa.Below the bone is the hard spine membrane, where you find the vein;Then there is the pia layer of the artery.
However, as you can see, the brain is well protected and trauma continues to occur.An estimated 1 per year.7 million people are receiving trauma treatment each year.Hbo is the third (30.5% of all damageRelated deaths in the United States.
About 75% of TBIs each year is a concussion or other form of mild brain injury.Children aged 0 to 4, elderly adolescents aged 15 to 19, and adults aged 65 and over are most likely to continue with brain damage.Children between the ages of 0 and 14 have nearly 473,947 () emergency department visits each year.
The highest incidence of brain injury in adults aged 75 and olderRelated hospital and deathStatistics for men are high in each age group.These are closed head injuries, which usually do not involve internal bleeding in the brain.In addition, they are often not life-threatening.
If the concussion is mild, it will most likely not lead to a loss of consciousness, although the person may feel dizzy within a few minutes.If the consciousness is lost, it usually does not last for a long time.Light-A severe concussion is sure to lead to a longer loss of consciousness and a longer recovery time.
In addition, this person may have the above symptoms, as well as nausea and vomiting, more severe headaches, ambiguous speech, pupil expansion in one or two eyes, loss of coordination ability, numbness of limbs, increased confusion, fidgety.Anyone with these symptoms should seek medical treatment immediately.The concussion is caused by any major head impact.
Blunt injuryThis can happen in a car or motorcycle accident.Sports injuries, especially playing football, and military injuries are being studied to help prevent the long-term consequences of concussion, which are not treated correctly and are not even recognized at all.Although 84% of the soldiers were injured not during deployment but at home.
Most injuries can be prevented using common safety precautions such as wearing a helmet and using a seat belt.On the battlefield of the past 10 years, they have firmly compiled the identification of trauma.Their combat treatment facilities are state-of-the-art.
The soldiers were trained to understand the symptoms of concussion.The Army and Marines are now working with the NFL to share information.They found that 85% of patients with brain injury recovered within three months.
Over the years, it has been updated from traditional padding to filling padding with inflatable gel.There is an embedded acelormeter (transmitter ).These transmitters can estimate peak linear acceleration, rotational acceleration, impact duration, and position-Time stamp.
Whether it's a collision with another player's helmet or a helmet hitting the ground, information is recorded.Over the years, they have recorded more than millions of effects and recorded corresponding data for head trauma.Each player transmits a different signal, and even those who sit on the side line, the computer is able to monitor any trauma hundreds of meters away.
In addition, they can monitor dozens of soldiers at the same time using the same technology.The study, using quantitative data on these new helmets and head injuries, was conducted through the University of John Hopkins with the NFL.Their research will focus on retired football players with head injuries, as well as monitoring current players.
They want a large sample of long-term tracking.There is some meaningful data.They want to see players who have gained some head hits over a period of time so they can find a better way to protect them.Proteins are measured in the blood, which are unique to brain injury;Spinal fluid monitoring will also check the levels of proteins and other chemicals.
Electrical signals sent by the brain will be measured using an EEG (EEG) that can identify mild brain damage that responds to stimuli.MRI imaging (or PET scan) can detect changes in brain metabolism, and even the slightest brain injury can cause any changes in activation patterns.As for the former football players, they assess the incidence of neurological disorders by age and compare these data with the Asian-Sustained concussion effects throughout your career.
The study will also design a queue study of retired players for this purpose.A new helmet for football players has been introduced, which can monitor the temperature of the entire football team, especially during summer training, which is a big step forward.If the temperature of the players is too high, they can leave the stadium.
This technique involves an electric thermometer (called a thermal resistor) that is inserted under the helmet liner and actually measures the temperature of the secular artery.The built-in radio sends the temperature to the person on the field every 10 seconds, and the danger signal is 10 °.It will cool the head immediately and keep it cool before EMS arrives.
This is important because 80% of motorcycle deaths are caused by head injuries.HITS also designed a helmet for firefighters to monitor their location at any time and monitor their wellbeing.The meaning of this technology is huge when you consider all the firefighters in 9-11.
They also developed a helmet for skiers that can measure changes in speed and continuously monitor the strength of the head.Another interesting study is being conducted at Northwestern University.They designed a new helmet that will assess the severity of the impact and communicate it through a color-based system.
This is possible because the helmet measures acceleration by including a sensor for the LCD screen, which flashes in different colors, depending on how hard you are hit.Green means a slight blow, and red means getting help now.The aim is to ensure that all head trauma is treated.
This new technology is very attractive, not far from the Terminator!Is being applied to clothing and helmets.Impenetrable t-Shirt weight fabric, stronger lightweight material used in the weapon, New Vision system installed on the helmet, and goggles that can be seen through the wall.The uniform also has built-in wireless communication to connect soldiers to the command center or anywhere on Earth.
The speed of technology is changing our world.Research that makes people safer is very important because you know well whether you are a football fan or not.These people have been hit hard repeatedly and I have also considered boxing because we have seen the result of some of the best boxers in history getting hurt.
Enjoy life with safety equipment.
Be safe!.
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