inflatable football pitch Types of Grass Used on Football Pitches

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-06-27
inflatable football pitch Types of Grass Used on Football Pitches
The football field is as good as the match.For fans, stepping on the ground and seeing the stadium as a green carpet is nothing more fascinating than that.It is part of the game like players, balls, referees and goal.
So what is the perfect football field?Is there any particular type of grass that makes the lawn so beautiful and special?Is it natural or artificial?We are trying to answer some of these questions through this article.Interestingly, football associations around the world have rules about the type of grass used in the match.No type can be used.One of the main rules is that the stadium must be green.
These surfaces must meet the requirements of the FIFA football lawn quality program.Simply put, there must be natural grass unless permitted by something else.It is important to note that it is not easy to keep the natural grass, depending on the weather conditions.
Because the natural grassland is not easy to maintain, the artificial ground has become an automatic choice.Desso Grassmaster is one of the most common and popular hybrid turfs today.It is a combination of natural grass and artificial fibers.
The depth of the fiber injection is about 20 cm, covering only 3% of the entire surface.The roots of the grass are wrapped around artificial fibers.Some of the features of these surfaces are to play comfortable and better drainage.
Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford and the Emirates Stadium are good places.Use its well-known Stadium.This is another kind of turf used for competition.When the sand used to sprinkle on it, the filled rubber powder was used today.
The rubber powder mixture is made of recycled tires that are used in places where it is almost impossible to grow natural grass.Wet areas or places that are too cold may hinder the growth of grass.These tourist destinations are popular in Scandinavia.
The amazing turfs pattern is another cool thing.The ground administrator either cuts the grass clockwise or backcutsClockwise.When they do this, it may be on a matte or smooth side because of a different pattern.
Adding more surfaces is a smart way.
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