inflatable football pitch Soccer: Important areas of the soccer field

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-07-15
inflatable football pitch Soccer: Important areas of the soccer field
While the Football Association is a fairly simple game, it will be easier to understand the different areas of the field.Like most sports, the specifications of the game area are written into the laws of the game.The field of play in FIFA game law outlines all knowledge about important areas of football field.
The most important and obvious aspect of the football field is that it must be rectangular.Secondly, the dimensions must be within a given measurement range.Law 1 sets the standard of measurement for normal competitions and international competitions.
For example, the minimum and maximum lengths of contact lines are 90 m and 120 m, respectively.The minimum and maximum lengths of the target line are 45 m and 90 m, respectively.There are two touchlines and two goal lines on the football field, which must be clearly visible and not more than 5 inch.
The football field is divided into two equal halves, which is symmetrical.In outlining this division, the midline (not more than 5 inch in width) is critical.The logo can also be placed a yard from the sideline to mark half, but these are not mandatory.
Goals are at the heart of the Football Association and Law 1 gives clear guidelines on the material, color, shape and size of the two goals.The center of the goal must match the center of the goal line.The column must be 8 feet high and the bar must be eight yards long.
Both the column and the bar should be white, equal to the width of the goal line.Interestingly, goals don't need to have nets, but they must be useful for game officials and spectators.The goal is the goal area, which defines the position of the goal.
However, when the game is restarted in the restricted area, indirect free kick or throw is also important.According to FIFA law, IFK or losing ball should be at 20-When the game stops, the goal area is parallel to the yard boundary line where the ball is located.The target area is 20 yards long (6 yards from the front) and 6 yards from the goal line.
The official name is the penalty area, but the informal name is "18"yard box.This is a rectangular box, more than the box around the target area.It extends 18 yards from the upright direction and 18 yards forward from the goal line;Therefore, the size is 44x18 yards.
The penalty area is crucial because it is very close to the goal and because it is the area that determines the penalty.The area also defines where the goalkeeper can handle the ball legally (except in some rare cases ).The real football fan test point ball is the understanding of the penalty.
Even some players are confused by arc, assuming it is part of the free throw zone.However, the free throw arc at the top of the free throw area is only equivalent to 10 yards from the free throw point.This is because, in the course of a penalty, all players should be at least ten yards away from the penalty point (except, of course, the player ).
Penalty marks (informally referred to as penalty points or penalty points) extend 12 yards from the goal line, at an equal distance from the column.Only real football fans know what the purpose of drawing an arc at the top of the box is.It matches the football's weekly appearance and exists in placing the ball in a free throw or kicking from a free throw mark.
The center circle is a circle spanning two and a half, with a radius of 10 yards in the center of the site.The center mark is the center point of the center circle for placing the ball in the kick-off.The main goal of the center is to ensure that the opponent stays 10 yards away from the ball while playing-off.
Corner arcs are specially used to place balls when making corner balls.The law stipulates that when the angle is taken, the ball must be placed on the angle arc or inside the angle arc.The angle arc must be marked with an angle sign at the point where the touch line meets the target line.
The audience may notice the Mark 10 yards from the corner, just outside the venue.These are used as guidelines for referees because when the corner is kicked, the opponent must be at least ten yards away from the corner.The mark on the football field is as important to the game as the ball and the player.
That is their importance, and if the venue is not marked correctly, the football game can be abandoned without being played
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