inflatable football game How to Write a Homecoming Occasion Speech

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-15

Every year, young people in high school and college in the United States leave memories as part of their school's return to court.The back-to-school Festival is an exciting time when students participate in the production of color cars, participate in or cheer for classmates in football matches, decorate and enjoy the back-to-school festival dance.Before the dance, the students elected their classmates as the King and Queen of the back-to-school stadium.The King and Queen sometimes give a brief reception speech at the ball during the mid-field break or at the end of the parade at the back-to-school football match.Figure out how long you're going to talk.Find out where you're going to talk and when and who you're going to talk.Ask your school administrators or students if they will be present in the back-to-school community alumni.Think about your audience.If alumni and students are included, if they regularly attend back-to-school parades and football matches, communicate a message in a timely manner to both groups and parents.Make a short introduction and thank your peers for choosing you as a returning king or queen.Mention the members of the back-to-school planning committee by name and thank them for their work and leadership.Think of a major topic in your speech.Consider topics such as hard work, the power of volunteering, optimism, engagement, or the future.Choose a theme that resonates with you and try to be sincere in your speech.Choose a quote from a famous alumni, student leader, popular teacher or political figure (such as the president or member of Congress) and include it in your comments.Write an outline of the speech on the topic centered on the top of the page.Next to the topic, including the total time you are allowed to speak.Write "Introduction" in the first line ";Skip a few lines and write "1", "2", and "3" for the two or three points you want to put forward on your topic ".Skip a few lines between each number and below the last number, followed by the word "conclusion."Next to each word and number, write down the number of minutes you will spend in that section.Spend 20% of the time on the introduction, spend 20% of the time on the conclusion, and divide the remaining 60% equally into your number point.Think about where you want to add a quote and add "(name) quote" under that number ".State the main idea of each point in a sentence or two next to each number.Thanks to all the people who made it possible to return to school, review your point of view with your conclusions and post the final, General.Leave your speech and think about the ideas you outlined for a few hours or a day.Sometimes listening to music or talking to others can inspire ideas for extra content.Go back to your speech and write or type word for word what you want to say.Read the speech several times and refine and edit it every time you read it.Time yourself after the third or fourth readingthrough.Cut the content if necessary to keep the presentation within the specified time frame.Continue to rehearse your speech and refine your notes until you are fully comfortable to deliver.Consider whether you want the whole presentation when you give it, or just want a note card with basic points.Standing on the platform to speak, it is more conducive to reading through the speech;Standing in front of the microphone (or holding the microphone) requires you to give a speech from your notes.If you are comfortable with public speaking and can give a speech from memory at least three times while practicing at home, completely and without defects.
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