inflatable football game How to Make a Football Souvenir Program Brochure

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-14

Your local high school football match can have a project like a professional match.All you need is a home computer and some of the tools that are commonly used, and parents and players can have a souvenir that they will cherish for years.Work is time.Spend, but in the end you can have a project that looks professional and reflects your love for your team.Open your word processor.If you are using Microsoft's Word, click File, New, and blank document "."Other word processors work in the same way.Enter a copy of your show, such as season highlights, excellent personal performance, memories of the past few years, interviews with players and coaches, opponent information, and more.Including the title and subtitle.For charts, such as previous scores or team statistics, highlight the copy with your cursor and click the bullet template in the upper right corner of the Word taskbar.This may vary depending on the word handler utility.Click Save As and name the document and save it to a preferred location, such as desktop, by clicking save and selecting desktop from the drop-down list "-down menu.Close your word processor.Take photos of teams, coaches, players, stadiums and crowds in the last game, or anything else you think is important.If the team has images available, please download the appropriate images from its website.Upload images from camera to desktop.Your camera will have a cable to link the camera to your computer via USB port and image management software to import, resize, and store images.Name each image after it's done, so you'll remember which is which.Select the template.These are online services for free or for a fee.Free is very limited in your layout and feature selection.Paid templates like CorelDraw provide more flexibility and do more work for you.Many of them offer free trials.Download and open the template of your choice.Cut the copy you selected for the first copy block and paste it into it.Continue with the other copy blocks until the number of pages you like is completed.Select the photo and insert it into the space on the template.The method varies depending on the template, but you may have to resize the photo before you import it into the template.The software for the camera will include a description of the size.Cut the title and subtitle from the word processing file and paste it to the appropriate location.Select the type size and color as well as the background color from the template menu.Save the template.Call the template, then click print, and then click Print options ".Click Preview to view and approve the final product.Click \"Print.Paste the second page to the back of the first page.Go ahead to the page below so you have double-Double-sided copy of your entire brochure.If the template and printer allow, select double-sided printing to avoid the paste steps.Bring the page to the copy center.Copy on two-Set up double sided copies for as many copies as you need.The cost per page of your home printer will be much higher than the commercial service.Copy and bind into brochures.
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