inflatable football game How to Make a Football Pinata

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-15

Nothing is more like a party than pinata, and nothing is more like a match day than football.At your next tailgate party, this announcement project will enliven the space to make your guests smile.Believe us, there is no more interesting way to ease the tension of football matches than to break one of them open!On a large piece of cardboard, draw a big oval similar to football.Then cut it down and leave a trace on the second large piece of cardboard so you have two identical football shapes.Starting with the third large piece of cardboard, measure the midpoint of the short edge of the cardboard and cut the middle vertically (mine is 24 inch wide, so I cut it in half, 12 inch ).Now you have two long ones that bring the depth of creation to help your pinata.Gently bend each piece of cardboard to form a beautiful curve.Then bend one around one of the soccer balls.Stick these two things together every few inches.Repeat with another until you have a giantsized football.Pinata needs candy!So, don't forget to cut a flap at one end of the Oval, you can flip it, fill the candy, and close the tape.Ensure the safety of pinata to the extent that the audience can open.For example, if you're doing this for a group of kids, keep it loose every few inches with normal masking tape.Please add more tapes/stronger tapes if you want more challenges.Starting with a roll of wrinkled paper streamer, the stripes are formed by cutting a slit with a spacing of 1/4, extending along the length of the streamer.Edge scissors make the process a bit faster, but the normal scissors do a good job.Continue cutting until the entire roll is made to the edge.You don't need to stick to the traditional brown color for football.Change things by choosing unexpected paper colors or supplementing the color of the party theme.Starting from the bottom on the side of the pinata, make a glue line of about 1/2 from the bottom and place the streamer (cut by size) on the cardboard.Place the next belt about 1/2 above and continue the adhesive until there are stripes on the entire front and back.Then turn the pinata to one side of it and continue the process along both sides.The edges are very forgiving, and if there is anything sticking out, or you want to fix the edges without cutting anything, you can hide or stick the edges.Add candy, toys, and paper scraps to the opening you cut earlier, and then close the flap tape before continuing to cover the flaps with stripes.If you want to hang this pinata, you need to poke a few holes at the top.Un-Stick the cardboard area to where you want it with tapeThis way, you can easily poke the hole with scissors and then pass through the hang with a rope/rope.Once you 've done this, take the flip back and continue to add the stripes until the area is covered.Of course, the white lace that makes this pinata look different from the black egg!To make these, I just took five white streamer sheets and stuck them to the front with a typical football lace pattern.The best part now.Let people open the pinata and enjoy the rich loot they find!
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